Saturday, July 5, 2008

Right on Time

Right on Time
How could I
Forget who You are
A God that shows up right on time
And has never missed a deadline?

How could I
Forget all you’ve shown me
Especially when it comes to
Satisfying my every need?

How could I
Forget who brought me here
Forget who built my faith
And made me expect a new day?

I have experienced You
Beheld your power and glory
Living today as infallible proof
That You are Love and You are faithful;

No matter what I go through
May I never forget You
A God who is all sufficient
Who will always arrive
Right on Time.

The Inspiration
Today I recalled one experience that made me remember that God is always right on time. Let me share it with you.

During my university days, I was on scholarship. The money was always expected – by me and the family. Once I heard the money was paid into my account, I go the very next day to withdraw all of it. We needed it.

There was this period when the money did not seem forthcoming. I called the organization and they said they were having some restructuring hence the money will be delayed. Months went by and they had not paid the money. I desperately needed to pay my school fees and buy my books. We had no where to turn to.

I explained to God my dire need (like He did not know) and kept hoping that somehow He will send an uncle to my rescue. No uncle came. I also hoped the deadlines for school fees payment and paying for the books will be moved. Instead the deadline was brought forward. With my last shred of hope, I prayed for a miracle.

One day I was in town with my mother. She asked me to check the bank again. I obeyed (who won’t in my position?). When I checked my balance, it had increased by the amount I needed to pay my school fees, buy my books, and with a little extra for transportation. I quickly withdrew all of it (I always had my cheque book with me expecting some money). Joyfully I said to my mom, “maybe the company just sent something for us to hold on to while they continue their restructuring. This money is more than enough for my current need.” God was right on time.

My excitement is in knowing how God did it. When I went to the bank 2 months later (this time, I was not in dire need of any money), my full scholarship amount had been paid. One of the cashiers then explained to me that they plan to withdraw a certain amount of money from my account (equivalent to that additional amount I saw in my account previously). There had been a miscomputation in all savings accounts. They paid 1000% interest instead of 10% interest! “What!” I exclaimed to myself. “They made a mistake just when I needed the money? That provision was truly a miracle from God!” I told the cashier to go ahead with the withdrawal. I knew without a shadow of doubt that if my money finishes, God will surely provide for me His own way.

That happened about eight years ago. Today, why then will I wonder if God can provide me with what I need? What makes me want to place a deadline on God when He knows what time is best for me? How could I easily forget that His ways are not my ways? How could I forget that He always shows up right on time?

I look at how far He has taken me. That money I always looked forward to then is not as much as my tithes today. Why then should I put my trust in the work I do rather than in Him, my provider? And what would stop me from sharing His blessings with others?

God is a God that knows how to do His thing. There is no problem He cannot solve. He does not need my suggestions, strategies, or help. Even before I call on Him, He has answered [Isaiah 65:24]. In the light of any challenge I may go through, He still remains God – faithful, love, unchangeable and worthy of my worship and praise.

There is nothing else I would rather do, than worship Him and give Him praise, through the sunny days and the stormy days, and for all the days of my life. For I know He is a God that shows up right on time!

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