Monday, August 20, 2012

Like When A Baby Cries

While the ladies awaited the call of their babies for immunization, the babies and the nannies were at the nursery in the clinic. Most of the mothers were lost in endless chatter until the shrill cry of a baby rang in the room. For a split second, the mothers were quiet. Then one of them jumped up, left all she was doing and ran towards the nursery. Once she picked up her baby, the ladies resumed their discussions. And yes, that's all it takes – just the cry of a baby, and the mother responds displaying her love, her compassion, tenderness, and providing the appropriate solution in response to that cry.
To the ordinary ear, all babies cry alike. But to the “trained” ear, the ear of a mother, every baby’s cry is distinct. Not only does the mother differentiate between her baby’s cry from another’s, she can also differentiate what each cry represents.
If mothers are so apt in identifying the cry of their babies, how much more does God hear, understand and respond to the cry of His children? Do you think He doesn’t see your tears (both the ones shed and the ones you could not shed)? He is a Father who loves you deeply and unconditionally. He is the one who hears your voice and your cries [Psalm 116:1]. He does respond quickly - even though it may seem like a long time to you. He works out His best for you according to His sovereign plan and impeccable timing. His work is accomplished even when it does not seem like anything happening.
I remember crying to God to make my relationship with a widower work out. Looking back, I am glad that though He heard my cry, He did not give me what I requested for in my limited sight. So though it seems that He has not responded to your cry as you desire, it may just be because He has a better plan for you.
Thanks be to God, a Father who keeps track of all your sorrows. He has collected all your tears in His bottle. None of them have fallen to the ground to be forgotten. He has recorded each one in His book that they may be brought to His remembrance at the appropriate time [Psalms 56:8].
Beloved, all the tears that you shed "are" remembered by God. If "properly" shed - shed in sorrow, in grief, or in pain, without murmuring or complaining, they will be remembered for your good. And yes, that's all it takes – just your sincere cry, whether voiced out or in your heart, your loving Father will respond, displaying His love, and providing the appropriate solution in response to that cry.
Remain Blessed.

NB: I will be reading and signing "Against The Perfect Will" on Saturday, 25th of August. Details are as follows:-
Details of the reading are:

Date: Saturday, August 25 2012
Time: 3 – 5 PM
Venue: Patabah Books, Adeniran Ogunsanya (Shoprite) Shopping Mall (Ground Floor), Surulere, Lagos.

I look forward to seeing you there. Please share this invitation with book-loving friends and family. If you already have a book and would like it to be signed, this will be a great opportunity.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Bigger Miracle

His daughter’s illness had persisted and it seemed there was no cure. The physicians said there was no hope, and that in a few hours, she will be gone. But he was not ready to give up on his only beloved daughter. If there was anything else that could save her life, he was ready to try it.
Then he remembered the Man of God, the man who did miraculous things, including healing the sick. Perhaps he could ask the Man of God to heal his daughter. Putting aside any ego, he set off to find the Man of God. As he left his home, all he hoped for was to meet the Man of God on time.
He finally found the man of God, in the midst of an almost suffocating crowd. He reached to the man of God, fell at his feet and begged Him to come to his house. To this the Man of God agreed. Yet, His journey was delayed because He had to address a woman who declared that she was instantly cured the moment she touched Him. His heart was full of joy that indeed this Man of God was powerful. He thought that if a woman could be healed by simply touching Him, how much more will his daughter be healed when the Man of God touches her?
He was still in his train of thoughts when a man from his house came and said to him, “Your daughter is dead; do not worry the man of God!”
Have you ever found yourself in the situation where you were almost sure you had the solution? Your GPA was at its all-time high. You were almost sure you had met ‘the one’. You were called to the final stage of the interview. The treatment has yielded the right quality of eggs and sperm for the first time. And then, you face the greatest disappointment. An ‘F’ follows the all-time high GPA. ‘The One’ leaves you for someone else. The recruiter tells you they could only make space for one person, and that was not you. The right quality of eggs and sperm did not result in the babies. Then you wonder, “Is there still need to trust God?”
He asked himself, “Is it not over? Is there still need to trust this Man of God? Let me go home and mourn with my wife!”
But the Man of God answered him, “do not be seized with alarm or struck with fear; simply believe in Me as able to do this, and she shall be made well…”
And as the story goes, the girl was raised from the dead. What a miracle! No, he was not expecting this.
I do not know where you are in the miracle you have been waiting for, but this story I have shared is to resound the words of Jesus, “Simply believe in Me as able to do this!” The situation may have got to the point where it seems there is no more hope. You may have tried all you felt you could, and thought this time around the challenge will be over, only to be faced with a more daunting challenge. I just want to assure you that God is about to do a bigger miracle. He is about to do a miracle that exceeds your imagination and expectation. It is not over. God is not done with you. If there is any shred of faith left in you, trust Him.
I know it is not easy to overcome the disappointment or the overwhelming uncertainties. But you are just a step away from 'the bigger miracle'. May God give you the grace and strength to trust and wait on Him.
Remain blessed.
[Bible story culled from Luke 8: 40-56, AMP].