Saturday, February 2, 2008

Created on Purpose

Created on Purpose
Will not be the same
If you were not here
Doing what He called you to do

The boy may not smile
The woman may not laugh
The soul will not live
If not for you

You may wonder
What difference you make
With your weaknesses
With your shortcomings
With those things
At the forefront of your consciousness

Will not be the same
If you were not here
With those same shortcomings

Just to remind you
That you were created on purpose
For and according to God’s purpose
With your strengths and weaknesses
To walk that path
He is accompanying you in

That today
You may bring
Glory to Him

The Inspiration
I had sneaked out of the general office where I normally sat, to stay in the archives where I could make phone calls without restriction. I was there, rolling on the floor laughing, when the department’s secretary found me.
“Rita, where have you been?” she asked in panic.
She looked scared and hopeless. Millions of thoughts ran through my head from the office was on fire to I had crashed my boss’s pc.
“I have been here checking for data,” I lied, “Is there a problem?”
“One lady in the clinic has been looking for you. She wants you to come urgently!”
All the ladies that matter to me surfaced my head in a moment. Who would need me so urgently as to come to NAOC clinic to look for me? All the ladies that matter to me knew I was just an IT and did not have “power” in NAOC. At that point, nothing could calm my thoughts. Then I did not know the word of God talkless of the power in the word of God. I should have been able to calm myself with the word of God.

With my heart beating at 20 beats per second and my thoughts calculating my 3K savings and what it could do in case of an emergency, I walked briskly to the clinic. I was too scared to pray. I had given up hope.

As I arrived the entrance of the clinic, a beautiful young lady ran out to meet me, crying like she had just lost someone.
“Rita, Rita,” she cried, “I need your help!”
From where did she know me? I asked myself. I know I do not know this woman (and if I see her today, I may not be able to recognize her). She even knew my name!
“How may I help you?” I asked. I know that when people want to bring bad news, they send someone who is not too close. I still could not trace this woman. Seeing that she came out of the clinic I thought "Doctors who have cure could not solve her problem. How then could I?"
“My baby is locked inside the car and my car keys are inside. I need someone with a slim hand to either open the car door from inside or get the car keys.”
Hmmm! You have seen me that my mother born me to be opening car door for people!
“Let’s go to the car.” I suddenly realized why when something gets missing in the car, my mother called on me. It was not because I was her favorite, as I thought. It was because my hands and fingers were very slim and could reach almost anywhere.

We got to the car and I must confess it was a big assignment the woman was asking of me. The only opening in the car was the driver seat window, which was opened 1 inch after so much effort from the men around. My arm was not 1 inch thin. I looked at the innocent baby wailing in the car. Maybe it was her turn for the doctor’s appointment and yet she could not be brought out of the car. I was moved.

I tried to put my arm into the opening. Though tight, my arm was able to pass through until we got to my elbow. We struggled for a while but were not successful. The onlookers suggested we break the glass and save time. After all, what is a car compared to the life of a child?

It was then I remembered God. I know when God does something, there is no destruction associated with it. The blessing of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow [Proverbs 10:22]. He will not bless you partially. He will not heal you partially. His ways are perfect and flawless. Yes, the car was material but we were not going to destroy it. After praying, I slid my arm through the opening. Though it was painful and difficult, my arm finally passed through the opening. I opened the car door, someone wound down the window, and I was free to go. The lady ran to take her crying baby and the onlookers could go about their normal duties. A few were able to say “Thank God!”

I learnt a lot from this experience, but what I took most was I was created on purpose. Before then, my stature was a serious cause of worry. If anyone cared to ask why I was so thin, I had a handed-down story to explain. Something to do with Doctors not knowing my mother was pregnant and was treating her for an ailment until she had an accident and they found out she was seven months pregnant (good thing came out of the accident). It was after understanding that God created me specially, the exact way I am, not as a mistake but on purpose, that was when I stopped giving explanations for why I am slim. The incident of the lady with the baby in the car made me ask myself “Nobody, except someone as slim as myself with the same (or more) level of determination, could have forced an arm through that tiny opening. So if God did not create me that way, how would I have done it and brought glory to Him? What about the place and timing?"

This message is long and if you got this far, well you are about to hear the good news:

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are His masterpiece. He watched as you were being formed in the womb [Psalms 139:14-15]. You father and mother do not know how this happened. He saw you before you were born. He wrote down in His book His SPECIAL plan for you. His thoughts are precious towards you [Psalms 139:16-17]. To show how valuable you are to Him, He purchased you with the precious blood of Jesus Christ [1 Peter 1:18-19]. You are not a mistake and there is nothing about you that is a mistake. You were created on purpose.

I recall a movie of a lady who said she will know her husband if one of his eyes was brown and the other blue. Now, there was a man somewhere with those eyes. But could it be that he was wishing he had his two eyes the same colour when those eyes were the answer to her prayer? There was a young lady battling with the size of her ears not knowing her husband was going to fall in love with her for those same ears because that was the way his grandmother’s ears were. You might be surprised that the thing(s) you feel are your flaws, not only are they the things that make you different, they are the things that are necessary for your purpose on earth. It could be to encourage a person, it could be to meet the people God wants in your life, it could be to develop your hidden potentials, it could be the sign that you are the answer to someone’s prayers.

God is perfect [Matthew 5:48] and His ways are not our ways [Isaiah 55:8]. His works are perfect [Deuteronomy 32:4] and marvelous are His works [Psalms 139:14]. You can be rest assured that you were created on purpose, for a purpose, and you are precious in God’s sight. You are honoured and loved so much by Him [Isaiah 43:4].

Have a blessed day.