About EROInspirations

EROInspirations started out as EROLyrics. The blog was a personal one where ERO (Esuru Rita Okoroafor – preferred name is Rita) documented her poems and lyrics about God, and the circumstances that led to the inspiration of the poem/lyrics. The blog evolved. As the poems and lyrics started fading away and gave way to stories and testimonies, the blog posts had a touch of encouragement, motivation, empathy and inspiration. Hence EROInspiration was born.

About the Author
(Rita Esuru Okoroafor)
All articles on EROInspirations are written by Rita Okoroafor, unless otherwise stated.
Rita is living proof of the love and grace of God. She is passionate about the things of God and often expresses herself through writing. Every day in her walk with God, she learns to let go of self and let God. She is a wife to adorable and loving “Mr. Rita”, mother to many, sister to many and a friend to an endless list of them. She is also a full time Petroleum Engineer.
Rita has a heart for ladies who are not realizing their full potential in God and as women. Rita loves kids so much that she ended up being a teacher in the children’s church.

“Special thanks to all readers, supporters and followers of EROLyrics, Heart of A Loving Father and Preparing For Your King. Your comments, mails, friendship and just knowing you read the blogs have motivated me and helped me in my walk with God. God bless you. God’s Love and Mine, Rita.”