Saturday, November 19, 2011

Matchmakers website is not working the way I want it to and it is not motivating me to write...then I remembered old faithful blogger. Let me share the latest post here and maybe plan to go back to blogger :-)

Machmaking- most of us do it without knowing. As I mused over a recent matchmaking that was making me excited, I was made to imagine what could have been going on in Naomi’s mind when she advised Ruth. She knew Boaz was a close relative (Ruth 2:20b) and a kinsman-redeemer. The idea of a kinsman redeemer in Old Testament times was to help someone in poverty who was unable to redeem their inheritance and redeem his relatives from slavery. The kinsman redeemer could also preserve the family line of a deceased male relative by marrying his widow and providing an heir (Deut. 25:5-6).

I am thinking that Naomi would have been wishing for Ruth to be compensated for her loyalty. I am sure Naomi would have observed a few things during the 2 months Ruth spent gleaning Boaz’s field. I can imagine that every day Ruth returned from the field, she would have told Naomi something about how well she was treated or the kind of favor she received from Boaz. I am sure Naomi would have desired the best for Ruth, and would have put in some effort to see the relationship between Boaz and Ruth take another level.
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