Wednesday, July 23, 2008


My Beloved,
By Being You
Made in My image
You have so much
Deposited in you;

But when you move
At My Frequency
You can do great things
More than you ever imagined
More than the world expects of you;

When you vibrate
In response to my vibrations
Then you can impact the world
In that way I have predestined for you;

You have all it takes
To be all I’ve made you to be
To achieve all I’ve called you to do
To turn dreams to reality;

Key into Me
Your Resonant Frequency
Then you will experience
Profound greatness
Novel achievement
And unimaginable fulfillment.


NigerianDramaQueen said...

Wow, I love that..
"Your Resonant Frequency..."
Simply beautiful. Thats what happens when engineering and poetry mix I guess:-)
I really appreciated your comment on my blog. So many people think that FGM happens only in the North, or not in Nigeria at all-and some statistics show up to a 70% prevalence in the south-south.
The instruments you spoke of turned my blood cold.I have heard of broken bottles, and blood stained knives being used. Infact, HIV/AIDs is beginning to be connected with this. What I find most ridicilous however is the reasons people give: culture, religion, aesthetics. In my mind,there is one word for this and one word only: torture.
But I agree, policy needs to be put in place. That is why I respect Linda Weil-Cureil so working to make FGM illegal in France, so many immigrants are stopping it. Not because they necssarily feel it is wrong, but because they fear prosecution. I can go on and on about this topic. It is something im very passionate about.
I am writing my senior thesis on the need for policy with regards to this issue--so I might stop by your blog qith questions!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Rita Esuru Okoroafor said...

2 nigeriandramaqueen

LOL...Thanks for your comments.

I agree with you about the link btw HIV/AIDS and FGM. And there is much more. The women we spoke to confessed alot of things. Please email me on if you have questions (and want first hand gist...). Thanks for writing about this very serious topic that is being overlooked.