Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Eagles above Nimbo-stratus

I blinked my eyes open as the smell of fresh tea filled my nostrils. I came out of my reverie to see the air hostess refilling the cup of my seatmate.
"Care for some more tea?" she asked.
"Yes, please."
“We’ll commence descent in five minutes,” she whispered with a sweet smile.
I nodded and felt grateful for the hot cup of tea. As she walked away, I looked out of the window of the airplane and sipped my tea slowly. I felt deeply troubled over a problem at work—a challenge I was having with my boss and other high level management. Unknowingly I had reverted to thoughts on this as I sipped my tea.

Then out of my window I saw a combination of white clouds, blue sky and brightness from the sun caught my attention. A huge mass of cloud hid the sun but the sun rays escaped and lit the sky with iridescent streaks. The morning was bright and beautiful. I began to appreciate the beauty before me.

Suddenly, the captain announced from the cockpit, “We will be circling the sky for a few more minutes. Landing will be delayed due to poor visibility!”
I wondered to myself, “Above the nimbo-stratus, the low clouds, everything is beautiful and perfect. Do the people below may think that the sky is all dark and unpromising?” I caught my breath as I spotted an eagle soaring above the low clouds.
After thirty minutes, the winds chased away the dark rain clouds, and we landed safely.

From that moment, I began to think on the scripture, “Those that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles…” [Isaiah 40:31]. Only the eagles were able to fly above the low, dark, rain clouds. They fly up to 10,000ft while the rain clouds are about 6,500ft. Beneath life’s problems everything appears dark and unpromising just like the low, dark, rain clouds. Minds could get clouded by circumstances when in a short while joy will spring forth. The solution was to wait upon the LORD. That way, one could soar above challenges.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for patience and perseverance, the fruit of your spirit, to be able to wait on You. May Your Holy Spirit remind me that what I am going through is temporal and will surely pass away. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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