Monday, June 11, 2012

Still Sober About The June 3rd Incident

Sunday June 3rd. As I closed my office related files and was about to put up my post for the week, I received a call from Mr. Rita.
After all the pleasantries (for he had just landed in PH) he asked, “you sound like you don’t know what is going on…aren’t you watching the news or is ur bb not on?”
“What is going on?” I asked.
“Dana Air crash!”
“What are you talking about?” I picked up my bb (which had been beside me for over 4 hours but I did not have the chance to glimpse at it) and went to Recent Updates. The display pictures and status updates told me a lot.
I do not want to bore you with all the details of this incident but you can read a bit about it HERE. The truth is I could no longer put up a post after hearing that news. What kind of message do I want to share when my nation is grieving? I asked myself. I should be mourning with those who mourn. These beautiful lives must be honored. I hope to participate in the “Writing to Heal and Remember - Calling Flight 9J-992 To Lagos” on May God inspire me for this.
If you take a moment to reflect, you will have so many questions. The Why’s and Why not. How could God have allowed this? What sin is God punishing us for? Were there not righteous and innocent ones on that flight? So many questions you can ask.
But the main questions are to be targeted at ourselves. Is tomorrow really ours? What is the very essence of our life? Why did God create us? What is it that He has designed us to do? Are we walking in His Perfect Will for us? A successful life or a good life is not measured by how long we live, how much we acquire, or how well we are doing in the eyes of man, but by how well we are walking in line with God’s plan for our lives.  
There is no need to live in fear or stop planning of a future. Rather, much more than ever before, we need to respond to the voice of our Father. What have we been putting off because we feel we have tomorrow? What should have been our priorities but are now at the back seat because of seemingly more pressing issues? What grudges are we holding hoping that after many years we will see our negative wishes on others come to fruition? What can we do differently?
It is my prayer that these beautiful lives we lost do not turn out to be a wasted sacrifice. May we be awakened to the reality of how one apparently small decision can affect the lives of many, and may we see visible changes in our nation as a result of this painful sacrifice.
For those grieving at this time, it is my prayer that the Lord comforts you, surrounds you with His loving embrace, give you an added sense of His presence, and give you a new experience with Him. It is not easy, but I know God can heal you.
For us who are still here by the grace and mercy of God, may we seize the opportunity to make a difference, reflect on what really matters in life, and be thankful for His mercies that are new every morning.
Remain Blessed.


Jennifer Abayowa said...

Amen to your prayers, Rita. I am still in shock at what happened. I also wrote a little about the same thoughts you've reflected here.

David C Brown said...

Intrigued to move from to this. The same God was over all, the same angels available. His wisdom prevented one accident and allowed another. The Lord is in control. That is our great comfort.

@ilola said...

Amen to your prayers.

Crown of Beauty said...

Rita, this post stirs up my heart and gives me a renewed desire to live according to God's purpose for me in this season. About a month ago my friends and I experienced an aborted plane crash when by God's hand He allowed the Boeing 777-200 we were on to successfully land using reserve power. David directed me to your post about the Dana Air incident, and I'm glad I got to meet you through your blog.