Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Testify Of God - He Has The Heart Of Kings In His Hand

I and this beautiful blogger, who is sharing her testimony today, started interacting when she was believing God for a job. How she finally got a job proved to me that God is more than a miracle-working God. Her testimony gave me faith to trust God during my pregnancy (for I was scared I would have a miscarriage like in the past).

Some time afterwards, she faced a certain challenge in her life, which is why we have this testimony today. I had lost hope that she will ever come out of this challenge. But we kept praying. I prayed simply because the bible says we should pray without ceasing but deep down in my heart, I wondered how God would do it.

As I prepared to post this testimony this morning, I recalled that about a year before her breakthrough, God has revealed that she would have this breakthrough. We were so caught up in the challenge that we completely forgot that God had seen the end, even showed us the end, and was going to remain faithful to His promise. If only we can really trust in Him! Anyway, this blogger was always positive when I spoke to her, and today she is sharing her testimony. For the purpose of this post, she will remain anonymous.

I Testify of God - He Has The Heart of Kings In His Hand
God's greatness in my life has been an eye opener for me. My story is a common one but my Jehovah turned my testimony to an uncommon one.
I met Ogbe when I wasn't looking to go in to a relationship. So when he started talking marriage I was shocked because he came to meet with my aunt with whom I was staying with to inform her.
Then, I had begun to develop feelings for him and it continued to grow and it never for once occurred to me that there was any other way.
Earlier, I had made a vow to God to abstain from sex till I get married and when I met Ogbe and after we started dating, it became increasingly difficult to keep my vow to God. I finally rationalised that since we were getting married, there was no harm in indulging and giving in to his demands for sex. I gave in, then I got pregnant.
I was happy when I found out I was pregnant and rushed to give Ogbe the 'good news'. When I gave him the test results, he just studied it and said nothing. He said nothing for two days until I had to ask him. He simply said to give him time to think about it.Well, I gave him as much time as he needed because,I felt he just had to get himself together for us to start planning our marriage.
I was dead wrong.
He said he couldn't father a child at the moment.That the fact that we discussed marriage didn't mean I should go get pregnant. It was like a film trick to me because nothing prepared me for what I was hearing and I just couldn't handle it. He then said I should get rid of the pregnancy that we would have more babies when we were ready. I refused and he abandoned me to my fate.

I was thinking time will make him change, but he instead became stoic in his resolve.So resolute was he that when he went back to the UK, he stopped taking my calls till as he said, I get back to my senses. I thought hard, but I couldn't see any solution to the dilemma I was in. I wondered at how I allowed myself to be in this situation. Remember that I had not even informed my parents or even my aunty.
I started looking for ways to leave my aunty's house and the opportunity presented itself. I had to move to another town for a job and I jumped at the opportunity; to say the truth I had not started thinking ahead as to whether I would keep the pregnancy but I just felt this inner conviction that I must see this pregnancy through.

Three months went by and still no change from Ogbe and my parents who I went to pay a visit began to notice a change in me.  Then I had to move to my place. I then informed my aunty and then later my mum, who then told my dad. As I tell it, it sounds so simple but it sure wasn't then. That was when  my ordeal started cause the more efforts were made to contact Ogbe, the more it was looking impossible.

I had resigned myself to fate when my aunty called me at about 6am in May 9th, 2011 that Ogbe had come with his people saying he wanted to come and meet my family formally. I was shocked but relieved. Just when everyone had written my issue off God compelled him to come form England for an introduction that I had not even planned with him.
I never planned my introduction. Infact, he wasn't talking to me, would you believe that? But, it happened in May 17th or there about. He went and did it although I was not in attendance.

I thought my problems were over but then, I was wrong. I never saw my would be husband even if for one day all through when I was pregnant. He always gave one excuse or the other.
But as if it had become my way of life, I just kept on believing, hoping and having the faith that I would see light at the end of the tunnel.
Then, reports started coming that he was always ill and during the few times he would call or I call him he was always having bed rest or in pains. Finally, I found out when I was 8months that he had prostrate cancer and had to undergo an operation.

Even though he had wronged me and made me go through a lot, I refused to believe that report and petitioned God to give me testimonies. I didn't want my baby to be fatherless. Never that!
Finally, he underwent the operation and it was successful. 2 weeks later when he came back to Nigeria, I gave birth to a healthy boy and despite indications that I would deliver through CS, I delivered normally.

As if my miracle wasn't enough, Ogbe came, saw my baby and I, and asked for forgiveness. He wanted to do everything for us and kept apologising. Before I knew what was happening, 2 and half months after I gave birth, I was getting married without even lifting my finger.

I tell you when God wants to do something, He doesn't do it in half measures but like I always keep repeating from the scripture as it represents my belief, ''He is able to do exceedingly and above that which we have asked of Him''
When it is over, that is when God begins His work and plan for you, if you can just hold on and believe.

Dear Anonymous Blogger, thank you for responding to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to share this testimony. God loves it when we keep our promises, and I know you will have many more testimonies to come. I am thankful that you did not abort this great man you have brought to this world. I pray someone is blessed by your testimony. In everything, there is room to give thanks to God. Love you...


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One day, probably when am on vacation, I will dedicate the whole day to read all your blog posts. My spirit really gets lifted after visiting your blog.

As she said, she did not lift a finger.

Waiting for my own turn...

1 + The One said...

Wow! ( Just like Toinlicious, that's the first word that came to my mouth!)
What a testimony.. I am soo encouraged! I think I will come back to read it again and again :-)
And just like ilola said, EroInspirations, you are indeed a great and wonderful inspiration. Your blog is always a delight and I thank God that I 'found' you.. May God bless you Rita xxxxx

David C Brown said...

There will be a continued need of grace - from the Lord Jesus Christ, but in their hearts too: may the Lord grant it to them!

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That's to show how faithful God is...only He could have turned this story around.

Awesome God. Even when we slip, You love us still and lift us up when we call to you

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For some Christians everything is a testimony?