Thursday, June 21, 2012

Busy At Night

I can recall that while I waited on God for my job [you can read about it here], those months seemed so long and I felt I was passing through a "night" in my life. The uncertainty and the delay was really worrisome. Yet I was comforted. The Word of God says, "...All that night the LORD drove the sea back...[Exodus 14:21, NIV]". This word referred to the night before the great miracle of the parting of the Red Sea. The scripture confirmed that God neither sleeps nor slumbers [Psalm 121:4]. The real work of God for the children of Israel did not happen when they awoke that morning to find they could cross the Red Sea, but it happened “ALL that night.” i.e. throughout the night. Similarly, it was when I received the letter for my job that I realized God had been working behind the scenes, all through my "night", to give me a miracle.
You may be at a point in your life that seems like night or darkness. You may wonder, "what is going on?" or "when will this night be over?" I just want to drop a word for you today to reassure you that there is a great work going on in your life though it seems the night prevails. You may not see the evidence yet, but God is at work. God was just as much at work “all that night” as He was the next day, when the Israelites finally saw the evidence. The next day simply revealed what God had done during the night. Your "day" will come, and you will see evidence of the work God has been doing during your night. You will see His miracle in such a manner that no one else can take the glory. Wait expectantly on Him because the night will surely give way to the day.
Remain blessed.


David C Brown said...

"Joy cometh in the morning"!

disgodkidd said...

thank you. i needed this now.

@ilola said...

Amen. This message is coming to me at the time it is really needed.

Blessing said...

Amen! Needed this!

Anonymous said...

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