Friday, October 30, 2009

In This 2009, We Will...(6)

For verily I say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, `Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea,' and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he say shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he say [Mark 11:23].

Mercy did not need to experience men herself; her conclusion was that they were all fakes, pretenders, wife beaters and liars. She had seen her elder sister being dumped by a man, leaving the young lady with a baby who never knew his father. She had seen the constant turmoil her eldest sister went through because of a husband who beat her every day for no reason. That was enough.

So Mercy told me, “I will never marry in this life. The only good men I know are my brother and my father. The rest are no good.” This she kept on saying.

We were young then. As we grew older, our priorities became different. We no longer wanted to read Enid Blyton books. The M&Bs had aroused something in us. We wanted to experience those things. We began to see that afterall, men can be good (maybe after a fight or two). We decided to try relationships. Mercy told me that she was in the relationship to get all she could from the man, such as access to company data for projects, companionship on weekends and let it not be said that she is a lesbian. She insisted that she will never get married.

Few years later, our classmates started getting married one after the other. Despite her beauty, it became more difficult for Mercy to stay in relationships. All led to nowhere, confirming her beliefs about men. When I saw her 2 years ago, it was still the same story.

I had been on my own journey, but there was something I learnt – we create our world with our words. I learnt to stop confessing negative words. I had learnt that I will have whatever I say [Mark 11:23]. I also learnt that we can ask God to forgive us for every idle word we have said, and by starting afresh we can recreate our world. So I told Mercy it was time for her to take back those words she confessed when she was younger, and start making positive confessions. In a few months time, she will be getting married.

In this 2009, We Will Speak Right.

We have been made in the image of God [Gen 1:27]. We know that God created the world by speaking, by calling things to be. His words began with, “Let there be…” [Genesis 1:3].

I would liken the impact of the words we speak to ripples. When you drop a stone in water, you see the way the ripples (waves) propagate outward affecting everything around it until a point where the energy fades away. That is how the words we speak are. They affect what is happening around us. The more we speak, the more we change (whether positively or negatively) the things around us.

What are the things that cause us not to speak right?
1. Ignorance: - We do not know the effect our words have or the kind of words we should be saying. In addition to the words we say, speaking the word of God also causes a manifestation of power because the word of God is backed up by the power of God [Hebrews 4:12].
2. Slangs and words we pick from our environment: -This guy is ‘bad’ may come out as a slang to mean something positive but it is indeed saying the guy is bad. Words like ‘this task is killing me’ may seem like a figure of speech but it is saying the task should kill you.
3. Circumstances: -when you are faced with a situation that cripples your faith and hope, you find yourself speaking what it is saying to you. So you have to speak back to the situation. Circumstances and situations are facts. The word of God is the truth.
4. Fears: - Job said “the thing I feared most has come upon me”. When you have fears, you begin to meditate on them, and worry about them, and what you have on the inside of you finds its way out through the words you say (even in your prayers). Such fears begin to manifest. You must replace the spirit of fear with faith, and by speaking the word of God.

Beloved, there is nothing you cannot have in this life. In this 2009, you will speak right. It is not too late to ask God to forgive you for negative words you may have confessed out of ignorance. This is a time to speak positively and call what you desire into realization. You may seem like a mad person when you are calling things that be not as though they were, but the truth is you will be acting as a true child of God [Romans 4:17]. Don’t use words like “if” but rather use words like “when” as you talk about your testimony to come. Your story will be different because we have a God who is indeed a story-changer.

Have a blessed weekend ahead.

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Parakeet said...

This spoke to me...there are certain negative things I say with conviction because I dont wanna seem weak and needy. Time to stop. Thanks Rita.

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

Wow! I needed that...There's a lot of negative things that I've said without realizing it! Especially when you gave the example with the slangs that we use!...God bless you, I need to get it together!

Enkay said...

Life and death indeed are in the power of the tongue.

Our lives truly do go in the direction of our tongues.

Thank you Rita!

Myne Whitman said...

Thanks for sharing. There's definitely power in positive speaking.

BBB said...

i agree..
true talk... especially about confessing positive things with our mouth.....

Anonymous said...

We want to sound cool and unpretentious.

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Word!!!! Father Lord forgive me for any negative word I might have said in ignorance or absent mindedness! Amen!


Thanks for sharing this.

How have you been? Have a great weekend. x

BSNC said...

i loved reading these, I have learnt something today. Thanks for sharing this.

How are you by the way..

TayneMent said...

This is some good stuff right hurr! Thanks!

aloted said...

u are totally on point with this post.. thanks girl


Thanks so much for sharing this. I remember when I was much younger, the pastor at my church preached about this and I have held it to be true since.

Anyway, how you dey?


HYAW said...

sometimes i start to loose track of who i am. i love this post. in this 2009, and even in 2010 which is by the corner, i would make positive confessions

Bibi said...

true talk! my grandmother alwasy used to tell me that there are angels and demons all around. and whenyou say a good word, the angels hold you to it and when you say a bad word, the demons hold you to it. although i understand Mercy's initial feeling. but thanks for that. i needed to hear that again.

~Sirius~ said...

I read this post AT THE RIGHT TIME.

Thank you so much Rita, God will bless you in ways you can't even imagine.

In 2009 I will find my calling career wise.

Writefreak said...

The spirit of God is one! Check my fb profile and see my status update this morning!

And oh by the way, you spoke too soon cos i updated today ...*sticking my tongue out at you!

David C Brown said...

When the Lord Jesus was here it seems that the disciples called Him "the Word" - He was what He said. We have Him for our example, if always more than an example.

Original Mgbeke said...

I love this post Rita, it really spoke to me. I have resolved to speak more positively in my life. Amen!

jhazmyn said...

Word dear,word...i alos learnt how we tend to say the wrong things when we talk to much.

Have a blast this weekend