Thursday, August 7, 2008

When To Say Thanks

Real Faith
What would it take
For me to say
I trust You
And I believe in You;

I don’t mean by mouth
But in actions and from my heart
And be at rest
Amidst apparent delays in my requests;

I guess ‘tis when
I get to that point
When I can come to You
Without demands
But when I can say thanks to You
For things that haven’t come true.

The Inspiration

It had been a struggle all morning to get a document printed out due to network problems. I asked my colleague to print the document for me since he could access the network printer.
“It’s done,” he said when he sent it to the printer. “You can pick it up in ten minutes time.”
“Okay,” I replied.
After ten minutes, I went to the printing room. My document was ready. I picked it up joyfully.
“Thanks and God bless,” I said as I breezed past his corner. “I’ve got the prints.”

That’s how you say thanks, a gentle voice said, startling me.
“What? How?”
That’s how you say thanks, the gentle voice whispered in my ears. You wait until you have seen it physically before you believe that it is done.
I wanted to argue that I must have said thanks after he sent the document to the printer. I asked someone to wash my mug. I did not thank him until he had brought the mug back cleaned.
"I say thank you only when I have seen what I want?”
"But the guy was going to wash the mug. He always washes my mug very well when I ask him to. And my colleague always prints for me when I ask him to. That was why I asked him to do it today.”
I tried to say the sentences rephrasing it with when I ask God for something.
“But You are going to answer my prayer. You always exceed my expectations. That is why it is only You I ask.”
When will you say thank you?

I knew it was time to thank God for things I had prayed for. Not to say thanks with my mouth, but with my heart, with faith that He had answered my prayers. Is He a God that I did not know? The time to say thanks is now.

When will you say thanks?


aloted said...

I agree..the time to say thank you is NOW!!!!!!

Great post :)

Believer said...

I am learning to praise Him before i see the answer in the physical because I know that it has been settled in the realm of the spirit. There is always something to be thankful to Baba for. Thank you Jesus. Hi Rita, how u doing?

Rita Esuru Okoroafor said...

@ Aloted: Thanks a lot

@ Believer: You really enrich my soul. Am fine. Hope you're doing good too.

archiwiz said...

My sister, you don't know what you've done by this post here... After reading it I sat down to think about it and took time to tell Baba thank you for everything I've prayed for. Even though I usually tell people thank you when I ask for something, I knew I had never told God...So now I've taken time to tell Him thank you indeed, for everything I've asked Him of late...And I've thanked Him for you too, for writing this post and showing me what I've been doing wrong. Thank you.

Rita Esuru Okoroafor said...
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Rita Esuru Okoroafor said...

@ archiwiz

Thank God you found the post inspiring. And thank you so much for thanking HIM for me.

God bless you!

OluwaDee said...

This is soooooooo true.
Gratitude should be a way of life.

its 4nee how we can connect relating with people to relating with God.

Howz things?

Amaka said...

I haven't been here in a while, and I'm glad I was out a while....cos its helped me appreciate what I've been missing. Life titbits to get me going, keep me on course...thanks for the post Rita....and thanks for the ones you are yet to post!

Rita Esuru Okoroafor said...

@ Oluwadee
I tell you, I've learnt things about God from relating with people. HE is everywhere. I'm fine. And you? Counting down...

@ Amaka
Welcome back dear and thanks for your appreciation.