Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cry of a Distraught Heart (I)

Am I less righteous
When things did not go as planned
When my prayers seem unanswered
When the world seems against me;

Did I pray less
Or did I sin more
Is it because I did not read your word
Why is my case different;

Should I fast
Should I sow
Should I work for you
What should I do;

My heart hurts
My thoughts in disarray
I am completely confused
I feel empty and hopeless;

Am I less Righteous
Than those who have my lack
Where did I go wrong
And what should I do?

This is a cry,
Of a Distraught heart.

I write poems in first person. This poem is not about me.
The response and the inspiration will come in Cry of a Distraught Heart (II).

God bless you.


OluwaDee said...

@ all.

I have asked these same questions. n I have come to realize that;

God did not promise to answer our prayers the way we want.
He did not promise to meet our needs on our own standards.

Rather he promised to;
Supply our every need.
Protect us from evil
Answer us when we call.

He asks us to trust him,
trust his judgment,
trust that his plans 4 us are of Good.

So now I stop beating myself when things don't go the way I want.
Cos really its not about me, rather its about God.
N I know he has my back, 24:7.

aloted said...

hmm oluwadee has said it all..

He makes all things beautiful in his time and all glory must go to HIM...it is all about HIM and not about us.

He has promised to never leave or forsake us

It is well with you Rita

Rita Esuru Okoroafor said...

@ Oluwadee: It's like you have said it all. Probably no need for cry of a distraught heart (II). I like the way you are rooted in the Word of God.

@ Aloted: Yes oh! Its all about HIM. And HE doesn't disappoint when HIS time is right.
It is well. Thanks.

Parakeet said...

@Oluwadee..well done for this. You know I was just going to respond that I've asked the same questions too without answers. But you broke it down fantastically.

Rita you've written something really beautiful and it shows we human can be the same sometimes.

Rita Esuru Okoroafor said...

@ Parakeet: Oluwadee needs to be a cousellor...

Thanks for dropping by. At some time in my life, I used to ask myself such questions but growing in God has changed my perspective and approach to asking HIM for things.

Anonymous said...

"Did I pray less
Or did I sin more"

Truthfully the poem made my heart heavier, thinking of how i treated Gods word then and how i treat it now, Oluwadee, thank you.

Rita said...

@Sprezatura: - I am also glad I posted this comment when I did. Oluwadee has really touched so many of us with her response...

Anonymous said...

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