Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dream to Reality

It was 08-08-08. Like always, you called me the nickname unique to you alone. I was thrilled with joy, for what follows was usually a birthday gift.
I cherished those gifts not because of the worth but because of the thoughts and love behind them. Like the "OK" pant and socks (I can't forget the ones that were torn from day one, LOL) and the drinks that made everyone think you favoured me above everyone else. I never remembered to say thank you, yet again.
You told me to close my eyes while you lead me to my birthday gift. As always, I trusted you. My excitement kept rising. And then you said, "Open your eyes!"
I opened my eyes to be awakened from a dream. Looking at me with great love was the great, wonderful man we used to joke about.
Though it's been many years (I've almost lost count), I really miss your thoughtfulness on that day. Maybe I haven't got used to your absence. Your departure did one great thing for me - it made me realize I should never depend on any man but solely on God.
Yeah! God is the Father who has never left me nor forsaken me. He has never disappointed me. He has never broken my heart. With Him, every other thing falls into place. On 08-08-08, I took out time to reflect on how faithful He is, how awesome He is, how good He is, and how gracious He is. I realized it has been years of grace and goodness.
I thank God that He is not a dream.


aloted said...

hmm ok i am a bit slow o..was 080808 your birthday? if so happy birthday to you...wishing u God's very best!!!

and sorry about the heartbreak..yes o God is the only one that can never leave or forsake us.

You are married now isn't it?

Meanwhile it looks like i am first!

Rita Esuru Okoroafor said...

Sure, u are the first.

080808 was my birthday. Thanks for the birthday wish.

Yeah, am married now. The heartbreak was from my dad. He went to be with the Lord too early.

How are u doing?

aloted said...

aww,,,so sorry to hear about your dad...He is in a better place. I actually thot u were referring to an ex.

take care dearie