Sunday, July 1, 2007

Your Miracle is Here - Lyrics for the Song

It is here

If you’ve been waiting on God
For your miracle
It is here;
If you’ve been trusting the Lord
For what you can’t see
It is here;
If you believe in HIM
And all that HE is
If you hold on to HIM
And all HE’s promised
If you delight in HIM
And desire HIS Will
Time will Tell

For all you seek
Is awaiting your pick
Perfect gifts
Beyond what you dream
HE’s given you life
HE long paid the price
HE’s given you peace
Passing understanding
HE’s given you health
In the pack of wealth
HE’s given you One
To fulfill HIS Word
HE’s given you kids
For greater glory
HE’s given you hope
And a future to hold
No condemnation
For new creations:
It is here

So if you’re waiting on God
For your miracle
It is here;
Just reach out for it
In faith and believe
It is here;
Do praise Him for things
Your eyes can’t yet see
It is here;
The Fruit of HIS love
And Grace for the world
Is how here;

Sing Chorus till fade

The Inspiration
It started out as a dream. 3 friends of mine and myself were thanking God for the miracles HE had done in our lives and in the life of one of us in particular. Then one of my friends started singing this song “Time Will Tell” and we all joined in, accepting that we would soon see the manifestation of what HE has promised.

I woke up singing the song but by the time I came to reality, all I remembered was the tune and the words “Time Will Tell”. I decided to write it down while I was in the “White House” and the song above came into being. However the places where you see “It is here” was “Time will tell”.

I know something about my God. First of all, HE has given me everything that pertains to life and godliness [2 Peter1:3]. I also know that God is not a man, that HE should lie; or the son of man, that HE should change HIS mind; That which HE has spoken HE will do and that which HE has promised HE will fulfill [Numbers 23:19]. Knowing these things, among others, made me receive HIS promises and blessings in faith, and so I said I am not waiting for time to tell me anything. I know I already have them. It is here.

Beloved, I do not know what you are believing God for. I just want to tell you it is here as long as it is HIS will for you. Simply receive it in faith and await its manifestation. When it manifests be like the one out of the ten lepers who glorified God. Remember to give HIM thanks.

Have a blessed day and welcome to a new month.

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