Monday, July 2, 2007

Awaiting the New Creation

Awaiting the New Creation

The seed has been sown beneath the ground
And for a long while nothing seems to sprout
But I remain patient, patient on the Lord
For the time of blooming and blossoming will soon come;
The roots are being formed, slowly but surely
Deep into the word, enriching and nourishing
Steady growth is taking place, so is transformation
And that tiny seed will bring forth a new creation;
Things are happening beneath what my eyes can see
It seems to take a while but the sprout will surely be
The roots are forming with that needed for life
And I wait for HE has made it perfect in HIS time.

The Inspiration
I have always been waiting for the day I will become the “perfect” Christian. This perfect Christian knew all the hymns and songs, knew all the passages in the bible by heart, committed no sin and also had the best character anyone could think of. That was the hunger of one who had made the altar call and expected the transformation overnight. In my innocence I went to GOD and asked, “It’s been a year after I gave my life to Christ. Why am I not like my Pastor who knows all the verses in the Bible? Why am I not like my friends who know all the hymns and Christian melodies? Why am I not like my friend who can pray for 1 hour without interruption?”

HE was loving, as always, to answer me. HE reminded me of a line I used to like in a rhyme. The line was “from a tiny seed HE makes a tree.” Then the story of germination began.

Let me share with you a statement by Sherry Rindels from on Seeds.

A seed is a miracle waiting to happen. The embryo comes pre-packaged with a food supply and the vital genetic information needed to become a plant just like its parents. Seeds exist in a state of DORMANCY, absorbing oxygen, giving off carbon dioxide, and slowly using up their stored food reserves. During this process the seed continually monitors the external environment waiting for ideal conditions specific for the particular seed. Once the ideal conditions occur, the seed breaks DORMANCY and germinates.

The word DORMANCY began to make sense. DORMANCY is the period from when the seed is sown to when it germinates. But the good news is that during that period, something is happening. It helped me understand that as I daily take in the Word, I am growing. Just as it takes some seeds 3 days to germinate and some others 18 months to germinate, that is the way it differs for us as Christians to begin manifesting the blessings of being a New Creature. But as long as we desire the sincere milk of the Word [1 Peter 2:2], there is growth taking place in our spiritual bodies and it is only natural we grow (whether horizontally or vertically) as much as we feed. That was the much needed motivation for me to passionately feed on the Word. All other things would come later [Matthew 6:33].

I also learnt that there is no “Perfect” Christian, for all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God [Romans 3:23]) and no human should be my basis for comparing my growth as a Christian. My role model should be Jesus Christ.

Let me end now…
You are a New creature [2 Cor 5:17] as long as you are in Christ. You grow everyday with the food you eat. Every word of God you take in is a seed and it is a miracle waiting to happen. The walk with Christ is continuous. Your role model in life should be Jesus Christ. And even if today you do not feel you are attaining the level of growth you should have as a Christian, trust HIM and be confident that HE who has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ [Phil 1:6].

Have a blessed day


John said...

Well said ........
I see your growth, maybe not too evident to you, but it's evident all the same. God who began a good work in you will definitely complete it in due season. Keep up the feeding and your joy will know no bounds.
Good work!

Esuru Rita Onyige said...


You've always believed in me more than I believed in myself. Thanks for your encouragement and belief in me at every step of the way.