Tuesday, July 3, 2007

More than a Gold Mine

More than a Gold Mine

I laugh
As the search continues
The search
For huge deposits
Of rare gems and fossil fuels;
I laugh
Because the best treasures
Are deposited in you
For they search
In places
So transient and draining;
I laugh
For should they come to you
Their search will come to a stop
So worthwhile will it be
For you are
More than a Gold Mine;
Do the mining in you
And watch
As HE brings out
Treasures worth more than Gold;
Show you what HE put in you
Priceless Treasures
For you are
More than a Gold Mine.

The Inspiration
I have known, lots of people, whom when I saw after many years of not being in touch, I saw great things in them. And I marveled at what God had done in their lives. I have known people (by the way, everyone whom I have come across) that by just talking to them once I see something wonderful in them (even the okada man I had a disagreement with). It even goes to the people I see on the street. I watched one of those sellers we see when we are stuck in traffic jam. The man arranged his plastic bottles of soft drinks neatly, accounted for his sales properly, and even taught the others beside him how to take care of their goods. I said to myself. “This is a great man. If he can show such organization and discipline in this little thing, he is worthy of being given bigger assignment.”

We can also recall people we must have heard about or read about that did great things (we can only bring out what is in us. This reminds me of a message I heard recently by Creflo Dollar in “The Spiritual force of God’s Word Part 2” where he mentioned that the original translation of the passage ‘Let there be Light’ [Gen 1:3] was “Let the Light in Me Be”). Personally I marvel at every single person God used as documented in the bible, and each of them was unique and special in their own way. No wonder the Psalmist said, “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well” [Psalm 139:14].

The inspiration for the poem “More than a Gold Mine” came after I had met with people whom I had not been in touch with for years. I could see that God had brought out the best in them after they had given themselves to HIM. A rascally, tomboy had become a soft children’s church teacher blessing the lives of our young children. I say, only God can take such wildness and turn it into softness. An abusive father had become a musician that ministers life to the depths of people’s soul. Once again I remind myself that only when we let God renew us that is when we can see the best in us.

So I learnt that God knows us more than we know ourselves [Psalm 139:16] and HE knows what HE has put in us to bring glory to HIM. Yeah, you have an idea because you know some things about yourself. But what you know is not all that there is to you. There is so much to you. Let HIM do the mining and show you what great things HE has deposited in you.

Have a wonderful day.

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