Monday, November 16, 2015

Time to do exploits

As I discussed with the hotel manager concerning business in the hotel, she confessed that things had changed recently. She could not explain the sudden drop in customers or why it seemed clients no longer used the conference rooms in her hotel. She wondered if competition was doing something differently. I left her speculating.

I could only assume. The ripple effect. The oil price dipped. Budgets were revised. Many were out of jobs. Cost cutting/reduction became the order of the day. Nice-to-haves were shelved aside. Frivolities were suspended. It started with the oil industry but pervaded through some other parts of the economy. People and businesses were affected directly or indirectly.

There are homes where husbands and wives found themselves out of jobs. There are some where the breadwinner or supporters were affected. There are those who were hoping to get lucrative jobs once they finished school, only to be hit with the news that there is a freeze on recruitment for the time being. There are so many scenarios of the ripple effect.

But should one lose hope?

This post is for you who might be in despair. Your dreams will not crumble. Your life will not be shattered. The macro and micro "things" may happen...

...but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits [Daniel 11:32, AKJV].

The Lord foreknew these things, and He knows there is a way out. He is the God able to sustain you one day at a time. He is the one who is able to open your eyes to see new opportunities. He is the one who is able to restore you even to positions better than the former.

It is time for you to do great exploits, much more that you ever thought you could do. As you get to know Him more and more, attune your ears to His voice and align your heart with His, He will direct your steps. 

Remain Blessed.


Toluwalope OTEH said...

When there is a casting down, 'we' pray for a lifting up!! Great words of encouragement, sis.

Rita said...

Thanks and God bless Tolu.