Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Morning Does Come Now Available in Nigeria

Morning Does Come - A brief review:
This beautifully written novel tells the story of Kaine, a young woman whom we have all met: a promising ray of hope born amidst less than fortunate circumstances.
Her journey of faith and self-actualization through life's travails will move you. It reminds us of personal encounters with divine providence, and how indeed through it all, morning does come.

Rita Okoroafor has been blessed with the gift of inspiring faith through prose. Her stories reach the depths of human existence in a simple and unembellished way. The characters she creates are as real as the readers themselves and her message inspires reflection on God's message of love and hope. A gem has surely made her entrance into the Christian literary world.

~ Adetola A.

Morning Does Come, is now available in Nigeria. If you wish to get an autographed copy (within Lagos and Port Harcourt), please drop me a message on Facebook or using the email esurunma@gmail.com, and we can discuss further.

For more details of the book and how you can get a copy, please visit the link here.
For more details of my first novel "Against the Perfect Will", please visit this link here.

Remain blessed.

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