Thursday, November 25, 2010

Unforgettable Dates + The Ban Of The BIS

There are some days that remain fresh in our hearts. Yes there are those great days which whenever we remember, we smile or just say a word of thanks to God. But in this post I am referring to those days that bring memories of pain, hurt, bitterness, guilt or regret. For instance December 24th and February 13th were notable dates for my worst heartbreaks. Thank God that is all history. September 11th remains a day for being in memorial. Thank God too for the healing over the years. But there was one, about a year ago, that held me captive. It was a day that reminded me of uncertainty, pain, loss, disappointment, “heartbreak from God” and my human weakness. When I used to think of that day, it is as though I was in a dark room with no hope that light will ever come. It was a day I wished God will completely erase from the timeline of my memory.

Have you ever had a day that remains very fresh in your memory with all the hurt and pain it reminds you of?

But God has promised to wipe away tears from off our faces [Isaiah 25:8]. He has promised to all who mourn that He will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, and festive praise instead of despair [Isaiah 61:3]. He has also promised to restore the wasted years [Joel 2:25]. He will not give us amnesia for certain dates and events because He can use those days and events to His glory.

Today as I look back at that day, about a year ago, it is no more a day of uncertainty, pain, loss or disappointment. God Almighty has shown Himself true once again. He is a healer, He is a restorer and He is faithful to keep His promises. He is still God who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think. [The testimony is not ripe for this season].

I don’t know if you have a day that has remained evergreen in your memory, not because of the joy and pleasurable moments, but because of pain, hurt, disappointment or regret. I do not know if there is any day in your past where you live, that is you spend most of your time wallowing and wishing that day did not ever happen. I do not know if there is a day which appears to be defining your future in a way you do not want, yet you feel helpless about.

If you have any such days, I lift you up in prayer today – that our Almighty God and Father will heal you, will reveal to you the hope and future you have in Him, and give you peace that passes all understanding as you move away from that memory. I pray that you will be sensitive to His voice and His touch, and if He needs you to forgive or be reconciled with someone to bring about your healing, that you will submit to His will.

Why my BIS was banned…the picture says it all...see me falling asleep with my phone...

Mr. Rita introduced me to Mr. BB and I did not waste time in getting acquainted with Mr. BB. Suddenly Mr. Rita became secondary to Mr. BB. I spent my days and nights with Mr. BB. But worse of all, I did not have time for my loving Father – He became an afterthought. So my BIS has been banned until I can demonstrate the ability to be prioritize right…Please do you have any tips? :-)

Have a blessed weekend ahead.


LG said...


lol@u falling asleep with ur BB 'tightly' clutched; sowi i hv no advise but dos things r rily rily rily addictive (so i hear :)

Omotee! said...

Lol. Serious addiction


that day would be 1st Jan, 1994 when my younger sister died. But thank God cos he's replaced the day with much joy and laughter. I share in what you said.

As per BB, it was not an addiction when I had my BIS though. I had no particular tip for managing... I think I just managed to curb it. lol. Enjoy the ban until Mr Rita and God forgives you totally. haha


Wise Sage said...

May the God of all comfort heal you through and give you double for all of your trouble.
As for your BIS, methinks BB rehab is needed for half the world population to cure them of that addiction. Everyone i know i addicted. Save me :D

2cute4u said...

I see you..
Hmmm, I'm not a fan of BB.
I read in my devotional just thos morning that it's not the bad times/ situations that matter, they matter but in the sense that you can look at the bad situation or occurence and say '' I will overcome you, just made me stronger''
I've had bad times and some dates I just don't like to dwell on but when I look back, and see where I am today,it just makes my christian walk, though not perfect but worth it..
Sending you the mail before the close of work dear..

Uzezi said...

i have some of those unforgettable not just days, but really bad events. and really at times the thoughts come to hold me in a grip of fear. I thank God, He is always there to remind me of His promises.

Deep Soul said...

My own day was yesterday whn robbers woke us up...I'm still pretty shaken up...It might not seem like a huge deal..but oh God, I dont feel good about it at all. I hope I can look back weeks from now and not feel the fear I still feel now.

As for BB, not a fan. Yahoo msger works just perfect for me. And the iPhone rocks. Dont know what the fuss is abt BBing sef

HYAW said...

i make a conscious effort not to memorize sad dates. but harmattan season always reminded me of a heartbreak, likewise some perfumes. but thats all over now cuz God when given the chance to take care of pain, always does a perfect job

Rainyjoy said...

i guess i've had a lot of sad years like been separated from my mom at an early age but the good news is that God kept me and my siblings and now am stronger and glory be to God, she's back together with my dad.

sorry can't give you any tips, am not into BB... but i reckon self control should do just fine (wink)

Diamond said...

thanks for sharing :) yes those so called sad days were actually the days that made me a much better person and brought me closer to my destiny. I recommend that view for everyone..:)

I want a BB for christmas:(

Anonymous said...

Awwww, eya, thats so sweet sha. so sweet.

Blessing said...

Hmm, Yes I had one of those days that haunt me Sep. 12, 2009. I hate remembering it, but I trust that God will help me forget it very soon ;-)

Lovely post btw!

Lol at you falling asleep with Mr. BB...hmm I don't know what to tell you...I've had mine for about a year now and it's practically attached to my hip! lol...

~Sirius~ said...

For some odd reason, after a while I forget the dates and days of such occurrences. All that's left is a vague sensation of something bad that happened. I thank God for that.

As for the BB, after a while it becomes less addictive. You realize some things can wait.

Nigerian Drama Queen said...

We all have those days. But thank God, they become memories of all things we've survived...and become testimonies...

I am totally addicted to my crackberry too. The longer I've had it, the more I've grown attached to it.

David C Brown said...

One day I became a grandfather; about the next day I had my worst day ever at work. So my heavenly Father gave me a suitable mixture of the joys and sorrows of this life - and perhaps drew me a bit away from it.

As for the "addiction" - occupy yourself with Christ!

jhazmyn said...

(((hugs))), praise God for the one who gives us beauty for ashes.

Lol at the bb addiction, well, this ban should help cure it i believe..:)

Rita said...

@LG: -I hope your own turn comes soon so I can say “sowi…” My dear, was so ashamed when I saw the picture :-)

@ Omotee! :- addiction in a subtle way…

@LE DYNAMIQUE PROFESSEUR: - So sorry to hear about your loss but thank God that you can still laugh when a 1st of January comes. Lol @ “Enjoy the ban until Mr Rita and God forgives you totally…”

@Wise Sage: - Amen. A BB rehab will make a lot of money. Please how did you manage not to get addicted to BB?

@2cute4u: - wow, so encouraging “….it just makes my Christian walk, though not perfect but worth it…” Thank God. Thanks for sharing the word from your devotional.

@Uzezi: Pele. Thank God for His promises including that He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.

@Deep Soul: - that must have been a very traumatic experience. May God heal you that you may not be left with any “scars” of the incident. Amen.
You know wat? Try the BB :-)

@HYAW: - iLike “God when given the chance to take care of pain, always does a perfect job…” This is word to think on…

Rita said...

@Rainyjoy: - Isn’t God awesome? That your parents are back together is really good news. But I pray the years when you were separated from her hasn’t left you with any scars…
When I saw your words on “self control”, I laughed because that is one of the fruit of the Spirit (which I should be manifesting). Thanks dear.

@Diamond:- lovely spirit you have. I can say the same for some situations I have passed through – they have made me a much better person and brought me closer to my destiny.
I wish I could send you my bb for Christmas :-) which part was sweet? The banning or the falling asleep? :-)

@Blessing: - dearest Blessing…Amen as you pray for yourself.

@~Sirius~:- Thank God for you my dear. Ok, so you are suggesting that I continue using it and maybe the addiction will go away??? Hmmm….*thinking*

@Nigerian Drama Queen:-Yes oh! I am sure if there was no lesson learnt, no testimony, I may not be able to talk about it. Thank God.
Let me assume you did not say you’re totally addicted to your crackberry…if not, I will not get round to testing if I have overcome the addiction.

@David C Brown:- Oh my! God is amazing. I am sure the joy helped you to have something to be thankful for amidst the bad day at work…
What better thing to do than occupy myself with Christ!

@ jhazmyn Thanks for joining me to praise God. How then do we know there is a cure to the addiction if we do not try it again *wink*

Anonymous said...

I deactivated my BES today, so that makes two of us.

Patrina's Pencil said...

The enemy loves to camp on dates and sad events or happening. Asking and Receiving God's Healing balm deactivates the enemy's plan to continue his haunting escapades surround such times.

So thankful that God has proven to be greater than he that is in the world.

I have had too many bad - sad - simply depressing and defeating times , like that of which you speak.

Top of the list would be the night God transferred mama's church membership to the membership of heaven. I'll never forget the events that led up to her homegoing... and the full moon bathing me all night through the open window - as He cradled me in His LIGHT on that deep dark night.

But now, 8 years later, when ever I see a full moon - it's almost as if I'm in heaven with mama and God. One foot in heaven - one foot on earth. I was able to grieve in a healthy way - and the LORD carried me to a new day.

Blessed be the name of the Lord . To God be all Glory and praise.

Thanks for sharing Rita
I don't know what you mean by 'BB' - but in America - everyone is addicted to these electronic gadgets. I have the ipod touch which I use for e-mail and reading blogs and morning devotional that come to my inbox. It can be a time waster, but yet it keeps me off the computer more - so I actuality spend less time on the computer.

I use my mobile phone for texting family only. Keeps me connected. Not into FB or TW or games. I see my kids and grand kids addiction. It's a global crisis - a total distraction from the important things in life.

You'll find balance. I believe in you :)

Patrina <")>><
warrior bride in boots

1 + The One said...

As always Rita your posts are always inspirational...
I love what Diamond said about sad days making one a better person and actually a process to your purpose.. God promises that ALL things work together for our good.. whether at that moment they seem good or not, understandable or not, fair or not..

As for the BB... I don't even know what to say.. your picture is hilarious lol!

Anonymous said...

thanks amigo! great post!.