Monday, October 25, 2010

A Tested Promise

It was a Saturday morning. I was about to start my quiet time when I felt it - water dripping from my palms. It had been a while since my palms got sweaty. From past experience, the sweaty palms were a sure sign that the sun will shine that day. It was my secret for planning my days in rainy season. I called it “my rainbow”.

While making futile attempt to dry my palms, I began planning my day in my head – if the sun was going to shine that day, then I could wash, go to market, visit, etc knowing that the rain would not hinder me (though we were at the peak of the rainy season). Then as I began to pray, I heard the sound of thunder.

“How could this be?” I wondered after seeing and feeling my palms wet. My prayers were distracted as I heard yet another clap of thunder. I stood up and drew my curtains apart. Before me were dark clouds and the rain drizzling. Lightning flashed, thunder roared and so I wondered, “why would God make me deceive myself that the sun will shine when He knew there will be a storm?”

I didn't have much choice so I washed my clothes and wrote out my shopping list. But by time I was done with breakfast, the drizzling had stopped and the sun had come up. That day ended up being one hot, sunny day.

The word (and promises) of our God stands forever [Isaiah 40:8]. Whatever He has promised will come to pass. However, there are times when the written and spoken promises of God will be tested. For instance the enemy may make you wonder “do you really think you are a child of God? Do you really think that God forgave you for ‘that’ sin? Do you really think you can be healed or restored? Do you really think you deserve the grace, mercy or love of God? Do you think everyone can be partakers of the promises of God – how much more you? Do you really think that you are fruitful and He has blessed the works of your hands? Do you think you can escape a generational curse? Do you think you have what it takes to have it all?”

By the time you are bombarded with such thoughts (a subtle attack that goes on in your mind or from what you hear around you), you may begin to doubt who you are and lose confidence in the word of God. The enemy may bring before you false evidence (in the form of delays, magnified symptoms, alternatives to the ways and word of God, or stories of those who did not make it). When you start thinking on such false evidences, these bring fear, diminish your faith, take you to a point of hopelessness and discouragement, and you will not know when you start calling negative things into being (i.e. making negative confessions contrary to the word of God).

Have you experienced a word or promise of God being tested?

As for God, His way is perfect; the word of the LORD is flawless [2 Samuel 22:31]. The LORD's promises are pure, like silver refined in a furnace, purified seven times over [Psalm 12:6]. Every word that goes out from His mouth will not return to Him void, but will accomplish what He desires and achieve the purpose for which He sent it [Isaiah 55:11]. It is impossible for Him to lie [Titus 1:2]. His promises have been thoroughly tested [Psalm 119:140]. Since He has performed miracles before and has been faithful to His promises, and since He is still performing miracles and fulfilling His promises, He can do it for you.

You may be standing on His word and you are currently facing His word being tested. It does not matter what signs are currently before you. It is only for a fleeting moment. Rest assured that God’s living and powerful word will prevail on your behalf.

Have a blessed week ahead.


2cute4u said...

I'm first and I can't help smiling..
But you know that most times it's very difficult to keep looking at God's word when the physical is showing you something else..
The rule is keep leaning on God's words and his promises and in no time, you wouldn't know where time went, he just does it for you..
I'm thinking it's faith, trust,the belief? Conviction? I don't know but my experience with God has taught me that it's what I should do..

Deep Soul said...

Is there some sort of prize for the first "commenter"?? (Pardon me, I be jjc).

Nice one, Rita. Can't add or take anything away from it.

Rainyjoy said...

hi Rita,
i guess we all are patiently waiting to see God fulfill His promises in our lives but i've come to realize is not all about being patient but its the attitude you exhibit while waiting... anyone can be grumbling/complaining while waiting but God wants us to be joyful in the waiting period, enjoying 'the Now moment'.

thanx for reminding me that God will fulfill everyone of His promises.

David C Brown said...

"He sent a man before them: Joseph was sold for a bondman. They afflicted his feet with fetters; his soul came into irons; Until the time when what he said came about: the word of Jehovah tried him." Psalm 105: 19.

That was some trial for Joseph! God is faithful, and will come in in His own time.

(p.s. I'll have to have a word with PP for knocking me off my perch!)

Myne Whitman said...

His word will always stand sure and that I can depend on. Your story was a blessing, thanks for sharing. May we remain faithful as He is..

doll said...

bless you for sharing this

braids said...

Its as though this were written for me. :)

Blessing said...

Amen! I agree with Braids...this was just what I needed!

Thanks Rita! ur the best!

Anonymous said...



FOR WE STAND ON THE AUTHORITY OF HIS WORDS, TO CLAIM OUR PROMISES BECAUSE GOD HONOURS HIS WORDS MORE THAN HIS NAME my dear sister Rita, am a testimony of 'A TESTED PROMISE' ALIVE...delivered from the shackles of untimely death & my father healed of his illness. THE NAME OF THY LORD BE PRAISED FOR EVER MORE...AMEN... shalom.

Uzezi said...

I seriously needed to read this. Funny enough, it was yesterday I prayed for forgiveness for allowing fear to cripple my faith. It is true that we can lose out if we don't hold on to the word. He never fails. Rather I ask, what are You telling me to do with or in this situation? There is always a message, one we might not hear, if we are not in the situation.

Thanks for the reminder.

Olufunke said...

I have been challenged with standing on God's word.
Thanks for this post

Anonymous said...

Rita, thanks for sharing

Patrina's Pencil said...

Rita ,I love this. I love how you think and how the Lord is filling you with wisdom- How He is guiding you in His TRUTH instead of the enemies lies.

YES YOU CAN ! In Christ, we find PEACE. This was such a timely reminder for me in my rainy season too.

Hugs and blessings sent to you today
Patrina <")>><
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