Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nigeria At 50 - Day 30: The Parts Make The Whole

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Yesterday, Nigeria at 50, Day 29 -  Kemi

It is one experience I have not been able to forget - not because of the pain but because of the lesson. The 2nd finger of my right hand had been cut by a crystal of salt. As days went by, the state of the finger worsened (I think it resulted in some infection of some sort). What was striking about the experience was my hand could not function in the full capacity as it used to. It was just a part of a finger, I told myself. But the impact affected the whole hand.

I liken the finger and hand to us and our great country Nigeria. We represent the parts that make up Nigeria - the whole. Individually we may seem insignificant compared to the population of Nigeria. But no matter how small it seems, we do have a part to play. Except the parts function optimally, the whole will definitely not be at its best.

We hear and make complaints about Nigeria surrounding corruption, breaking/by-passing of laws, misuse of resources, instability, just to mention a few. We have our own circle of influence. Would we choose not to give bribe if it will speed up a process for us? Would we use our organizations resources like our own? Would we see someone driving one-way but choose to remain in the traffic if the shortcut can take us to our destination faster? Would we choose not to take advantage of the laxity and loopholes in our system? As I think on these questions, I know what I am guilty of.

There is hope for great Nigeria. Nigeria still remains a country rich in resources. Nigeria remains a country blessed with good weather and climate. Nigeria remains a country with people who are smart, skillful, have the ability to excel in any area, and people who are resilient.

Nigeria at 50 - there is hope for a better nation. If we desire to see this change, we need to do more than dream or complain. Yes, we can. We can change Nigeria little by little in our small ways. We can choose to see, appreciate, speak about and explore the good in our nation. We can choose to participate in what would bring about a change for our country. Change may not happen overnight, but it will come if we choose to make a difference in our little ways. We do not know how our actions will cause a ripple effect on others and ultimately the whole system.

You and I are the parts that make the whole of Nigeria. Let us not give up on ourselves and our country. One day we will see the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

I thank God for our leaders who have vision and are implementing it. I thank God for those who still have a passion to bring about a better Nigeria and take her further than her former glory. "The parts" know...

And of course, let us not relent in praying for Nigeria our country.

Tomorrow, Nigeria at 50, Day 31 - Standtall 


rethots said...

Yes, the eventual 'harvest' will be, when "...the whole is (much) greater than the sum of the parts...".
However, the 'seed' to be sown to reap this 'harvest' is for each one of us as individuals representing the parts to consciously ensure we do right (though it might hurt and most times be inconvenient). These 'rights' we do will somehow rub off on the people in our circle of influence.

One day we will look out and realise that the 'field' (Nigeria) is very much ripe with harvest. Then, 'twill dawn on us that our labours were not in vain.

AlooFar said...

A new Nigeria. It's Possible.

Jaycee said...

Can't give matter how hard it is not to.

Myne Whitman said...

It is possible, and yeah prayers are very important. Nice one..

2cute4u said...

Loved the take on this.. Have a wonderful week Rita..

StandTall-The Activist said...

we were surely in each other's head. Our post preeched the same messsage!!! We shall all do what it takes!

Patrina's Pencil said...

Good job Rita. ! I loved your powerful words. YES YOU CAN !! I love all my Nigerian bloggers. You are all amazingly smart. I agree, Nigeria is ripe with harvest!!

Patrina <")>><
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