Friday, November 13, 2009


I Am:
I Am your exceedingly great reward
Who will never leave you nor forsake you
Who opens doors which no one can close
I Am;

I Am your creator
Who watched you and knit you in your mother's womb
I neither sleep nor slumber
Who says I will not remember you;

I Am the Lord above all things
My ways are not your ways
I Am not a man that I should lie
Have I spoken and it did not come to pass?

I have loved you with an everlasting love
I daily load you with blessings
I give beauty for ashes
I have my way in the whirlwind and in the storm;

I will always be with you
Whether you can feel my presence or not
I Am the Lord your God
With me nothing is impossible;

I Am so mindful of you
See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands
Your walls are continually before me
Nothing can separate you from this love I have for you
You are the apple of my eyes;

I Am,
I Am That I Am
I Am for you
I Am.


Believer said...

He is indeed the I am that I am, sometimes we really need it spelt out like this to remember. You are blessed, I've been expecting an email from you for like! I trust all is well. I feel I should be saying Congratulations! Remain blessed.

Tricia said...

I an because He is!
I love this.

Enkay said...

The greatest blessing is to be loved by The One who will always be regardless of how much time has passed.

Like Tricia said, I am because He is!

Jaycee said...

My Everything!

I love this...

~Sirius~ said...

He is indeed o!

Everything you stated and much more.

fantasy queen said...

yes he is, my I Am....the one and only.

Anoda Phase said...

this is absolutely beautiful...I like the links...I feel as though He was talking directly to me in those words...thanks Rita.

Anonymous said...

In fact, you don't say anything when you read things like this.
You just marvel at God's omnipotence.

David C Brown said...

He who could assert,
“I AM”
Condescended to say,
“I am the door”.

HYAW said...

i am, that i am.

wow! that verse is so short, yet makes so much sense

Gee said...

he reallyu is the I AM THAT I AM!!

debbieozono said...

I love you for writing this post. It is reminder of who our father is. The I AM that I AM.

Kafo said...

beautiful way to start my week

thanks bundles

Writefreak said...

Great stuff!

He is...deliverer...friend, protector, provider, many things me!

dr. ekwegh said...

That was beautiful. thanks 4blessing us with such inpired words

Doja 2.0 said...

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Afronuts said...

'I am' is the sole identification for the almighty Father.

Please do not listen to any secular music in which the artist refers to himself as 'I am what I am' - its a heretical reference and intentional blasphemy of God's awesome persona