Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Infant Steps: What is a good prayer routine?

Dear EROLyrics Readers, hope your week has started beautifully.
We have another question on the Infant Steps Series. It is about a good prayer/studying pattern. How have you managed to keep communicating and growing in the knowledge of God through prayer? Please share your experience with Daniel on this one.

Dear Rita,
I am a young growing Christian and I really want to improve my communication with God. Many times I find out that I start praying and then I get distracted. The distraction starts by missing a day or procrastinating to a later time. Days and weeks pass and then I realize I have not been praying and studying the word of God.
What do I need to do to have a good prayer and bible- studying routine? Are there any tools that could help me with this? I really need your encouragement here. Thank you.

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jhazmyn said...

Hi daniel,
Well i dont think there's any one right prayer routine as God relates with each of us in our own unique way.
For me though, i love to have my quiet time in the morning cos then i'm still refreshed and my mind is not cluttered, i start with worship (no time limit), then pray for the word to minister to me.
In reading the word, i dont stick to one plan, sometimes i used a devotional, sometimes i study a bible character..like David or Jesus or Paul, sometimes, i study a particular topic, like Love, or forgiveness, or The Holy Spirit. It basically depends on where i am at that point in time in my walk with God.
After reading the word, i pray concerning the things i learned and ask God to make His words more real to me as i step out into the day and to open my heart to more understanding.

Even on days when i don't have my quiet time in the morning cos i'm rushing out, i pray later in the evening, just before i turn in.

I guess something else that helps is being constantly conscious of God, even during the day, that helps build the desire to fellowship with Him in the silence of our own space..as much as you can, try and declutter your time a bit and give God top priority

This routine works so well for me

Uzezi said...

i agreed totally with all jhazmyn has said. I couldn't have said it any better.
like jhazmyn said, beginning with praise and worship really puts you in the right mood and brings you into the presence of God. You will find yourself totally consumed.

Dee! said...

Hello Daniel,

Although there is no fixed prayer pattern, I recommend you set out a particular time during the day to have a "conversation" with God daily. It does not matter how long or how short this "conversation" last, just commune with God in your own way. with time, you will see that it will become part of you.

Stay blessed!

webround said...

My problem used to be that I didn't have a Bible study guide to follow and it was difficult randomly reading different passages. Somebody then introduced me to the daily broadcast from Joyce Meyer and it was great. Whilst listening to the broadcast, I would also flip through the passages she mentioned and sometimes I would end up delving more into a particular passage later.

Since I was watching the broadcast on my laptop, it was common for me to get distracted for example by people sending me instant messages or my checking some other websites I already had open. What I tried to do was to close all open programs and websites on my computer the night b4 so that in the morning I only have the JM website open.

In terms of prayer, I usually said a short prayer relating to the message that I'd heard that day. I kept with this routine and then one of her messages talked about you also have to spend some time with the Bible on your own and so one day I found myself reading some passages on my own on weekends. Sometimes I fall off the bandwagon but I try to get back. I've also tried not to be too 'religious' about 'quiet time' For example, I could be praying whilst making my bed/getting ready for work. I don't know if I'm breaking 'any laws' or if that is the right thing to do but it works for me now..

Gee said...

I sometimes have that problem too,
what i do is really listen to worship songs and try to get into it,
it helps wen u have such nice songs on ur ipod and u listen very often to...worship songs really do take to into that realm where things can hardly distract you.
YH and Jhazmyn has basically sed it all.
hope we are of help daniel!

bob-ij said...

This is a very good move. I like this idea. I put it in my panner and then eventually it becomes second nature... distraction is easy so I try to fight it!

chayoma said...

i'm with jhazmyn

Kafo said...

is the key

each day is a new day
if you are praying and get distracted make it into a prayer

there is no formula

it is a discipline
so take it a day at a time
and be consistent

fantasy queen said...

i dont have specific prayer routines....all day i try to whisper words of prayer.

as for studying the bible, i developed a new plan of getting a book to study, like roman or isiah or whichever, and then i spend weeks studying it. its a new plan, and i think it works for me.

Anoda Phase said...

Hi Daniel

There is not one "good" prayer routine...I'll say, go with what works best for u...so long as u keep the distractions out n are able to say ur prayers and do ur Bible study...

I agree that music certainly helps set a good mood; both 4 u n 4 God, if I may say...daily Bible study guides also help; u might want to get a good one...

More importantly though, I think, is DISCIPLINE...now, I don't want to make u feel bad, because even the "best" of us Christians have gone through stages of indiscipline/inconsistency with our praying and Bible reading...

And, I know it sounds a bit ironical, but u can also pray, and ask God to help u keep the distractions out, so u both enjoy a quality worship/fellowship time...

All the best.

Geebee said...

Daniel, you're not alone in this. In fact, it happens to the very best of us usually but I believe it takes persistence and continually asking God for his grace. Afterall, his word says his grace is sufficient for us and his strength is made perfect in our weaknesses.

~Sirius~ said...

been meaning to email you- but I haven't!

Wanted to ask a question on Forgiveness.

How does God, laws of the land and forgiveness work?

EG:a man steal/ kills and then prays to God to forgive him- does he have to report himself to the authority before God forgives him, or God just forgives him and he goes scott free without punishment?

Writefreak said...

I definitely go with jhazmyn on this one!

David C Brown said...

In the Old Testament there was a morning and evening lamb; that is one guide; don't start the day without the Lord; don't finish the day without Him. But don't be rigid, and don't get into a rut!

Rita said...

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atlanta said...

The best routine is to mix it up. Many times taking a walk in nature will help focus on worship. It's also good for your health. You can even print out a scripture and take it with you to read.