Sunday, October 19, 2008


Where will you be?

Who will remember
Your broke-ness or brokenness
Your toiling and sweat
Or the doors shut at your face?

Who will imagine
Your silent tears in secret
Moments you almost lost hope
Or when your fears grew with each day?

Who will know
Of your seeds sown
Seeds of time, energy and resources
And resilience despite disappointments?

Like a flower about to blossom
And a seed waiting to sprout
In just a little while
Your breakthrough will come:

Where will you be?

Begin to confess and visualize
All that you want for yourself
And back it with My Word
For I am watching over My Word
To perform it.

Do not envy him/her who seems to be there, for you do not know what he/she passed through to get there.


miz-cynic said...

first.Dis seems like fvl on preachin.i even tot of pastor pavl

webround said...


as someone once said "people see u today and wish they were you. But they know not what you've gone through to get there and if they knew, they wouldn't want to go through it"

simeone said...

thank you so very much for this..and i mean it.....muah

Temite said...

Sis Rita,
You have done it again, please keep it up. I have decided to step out of fear and do my best to live my best life and put aside jealousies and envy and just emulate those people I admire. Thanks yet again. XOXO

aloted said...

Yes o..we need to back our confessions with the WORD..cuz HE puts his word even higher than HIS name


have a blessed week dear

exschoolnerd said...

i am glad i read this..

Funms said...

blessed as always!

Abujamaiden said...


"You don't know how they got there."


Stingess said...

True that!

fantasy queen said...

true...i'm learning to push envy in the backseat cos i know not how they got there.

and i'm one avocate of self confessions. i have this book that i write down what i confess in capital letters, makes reading it feel like i'm screaming it. and i tell uya, it works.

how've u been madame?

Dee! said...

A soul searchin poem. That is how I'd describe this.

AlooFar said...

I like it.

Telekinesys said...

Begin to confess and visualize
All that you want for yourself
And back it with My Word
For I am watching over My Word
To perform it.

Very true, very comforting. Thank you.

Fanwest said...


Debbie said...

Loved it.
A refreshing read... Tomorrow where will you be,
Yes tomorrow someone will probably work into the divine will of our father, no need to stress today about what will happen tomorrow, for he's got it all worked out.
thanks so much for visiting my blog and the lovely comments each time.

Buttercup said...


U r always so on point rita...i always leave here with some food for thought...

How r u darling?

Vera Ezimora said...

I absolutely love that last sentence. We're often too busy envying people's 'level;' we never stop to think about how they got there, or what they mighta gone thru to get there.

Standtall said...

Hi Rita, long time, how r u? Here are real true word spoken.

Rita said...

@Miz-cynic: I didn’t mean to sound like a pastor… :-). Thanks for appreciating this post.

@Webround: Your words are similar to the words I speak to my younger ones…


@Simeone: You are so welcome…I appreciate..

@Temite: My teacher…you keep teaching me with your comments on my post. I really like the sound of “…emulate those people I admire…”

@Aloted: Hmmm…this is profound… “HE puts his word even higher than HIS name”

Thanks for teaching me this…

Wishing you a blessed week too…

@Exschoolnerd: Thanks. Your words are motivating.

@Funms: Wow! I feel so enriched with your words...thanks.

@Abujamaiden: You are most welcome.

@Stingess: The words are also true to me… felt like someone was speaking to me.

@Fantasy Queen: Hmmm…book of self confessions…I guess that should help because once you let something out, it doesn’t hold you to bondage. I should try that too.

I’ve been fine, dear. Just took a short break from work to blog :-)

Rita said...

@Dee!: ‘Like the way you put it. Made me go back and read the poem again. And guess what? You are so right!

@AlooFar: Thank you so much.

@Telekinesys: You are welcome…and your blog feels like home…

@Fanwest: You are welcome. How are you doing?

@Debbie: It is my prayer that we all walk into His divine will…Well said Debbie.

@Buttercup: I’m fine dearie. Thanks.

@Vera Ezimora: Thanks. It seems like you feel me…

@Standtall: Real long time…I’m fine.

gbengasile said...

Well said sis. You speak like an oracle!

From my blog)
I guess u're right. Sometimes preparations could get so serious that we forget pple we hold dear. Hmmmm, in short i should forgive Don abi? Okay ma'am. I've known them for like four and half years now. About the pregnancy? well I guess if he finds out that she's pregnant, it's all good. She may well be infact. At least they're married so it's just like an extra feather to their hats. How have u been?

rethots said...

"Do not envy him/her who seems to be there, for you do not know what he/she passed through to get there." ...nothing could be truer.

We really should live our lives so that when our time is up (no matter how short or long) we eventually never die because our (good) memories live on.

Rita said...

@Gbengasile: Easy on me oh! Oracle too much…

You are a man of character.

I’ve been doing fine. Thanks a lot. My love to Ty…

@Rethots: This post was inspired by you…shey you know?

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Wise words
People have a habit of envying people without really knowing how they got to where they are, or actually realising that they also have problems and worries said...

Hi there!

I appreciate this so much!



salem said...

nice words, i was touched by your words

jhazmyn said...

i guess this post was one of the reasons i cane here to read ur old posts...Bless your heart Rita, reminders like this keep me sane :)