Sunday, March 23, 2008

Unfinished Business

The words of my mouth

May the words of my mouth
Be acceptable to you, Oh lord
May they be spoken in due season
May they be as honeycomb
May they make the heart of man glad
May they be gracious
May they be
Of You.

The Inspiration
“Please remain seated while we make this announcement,” came the bellow from the Virgin Nigeria PA system. Nkeiru shifted uncomfortable on her seat. This was the third time they had made an announcement. Each time the announcement was made, they talked about a delay. She had an appointment she did not want to miss. “Why the delay?” She asked herself.
“The Flight VK--- from Lagos to Abuja has been delayed for an hour…”
She did not wait to hear the rest of the announcement. She picked up her bags and marched straight to the lady that had made the announcement. After 5 minutes of venting her frustrations on the lady, Nkeiru stormed off with curses at the tip of her lips. She was not relieved though because she was not going to make the appointment. She was guilty that she had left an innocent lady almost in tears.

As she walked out of the airport to get something to eat, she saw an old friend of hers.
“Alice! Long time no see!” Nkeiru squealed in delight as she embraced her friend.
“Yes, Nkeiru. It’s been more than five years.”
Alice excused herself from the person she was standing with. They shared some minutes catching up on old times.
“Why don’t you introduce me to your father?” Nkeiru asked blatantly. “I have not met him before.”
“That’s not my father, gal. That’s my sugar daddy.”
“What are you doing with a sugar daddy? Don’t you have a Father?”
“He is taking care of me at the moment in ways Daddy can’t!”
“Don’t you want to be available for a young man?”
“These young men of nowadays. There is no good guy out there. Nky, you know. Is it not two of us that got heart broken in year 3?”
“I had two more heart breaks after that, but that does not change the fact that there are good guys out there. We probably had some things to learn out of the heart break, such as there is someone who loves you and will never break your heart. There is some one whose love is unconditional...."
"Spare Me!"
"... You don’t have to sleep with Him to get money from Him. He is not going to beat you blue-black when you did not speak to Him. He is not going to make you feel you are nothing more than an instrument to satisfy a man’s need. He simply loves you for who you are! I know you had it rough with that relationship…”
“…relationships…” Alice quickly corrected her
“…but you won’t find that good guy when you are in the house of your sugar daddy. That man holds no promises for you. He is simply a distraction from your purpose and destiny! And guess what, Alice? I have been there before. I have seen what is best and I want you to experience it too.”
Alice was thoughtful for a while.
“I really don’t like you now,” Alice confessed, “because you are not supporting me. All my other friends have encouraged me in this relationship and have even suggested ways that I could extort money from the man. But I know you are saying the truth. I really want more but I just remain in the relationship because I have no other option.”
“Why don’t we have lunch together and talk about the relationship that really matters? The relationship with Jesus. My flight has been delayed for another one hour!”

That was some years ago. Today, Alice is a woman living in the fullness of what God has stored up for her. Thank God for the delay in Nkeiru’s flight.

Have you ever found yourself asking “Why the delay?” If you do, then know it is time to ask, “Lord, what can I do in the mean time? What can I learn in the mean time? How can I improve as I prepare for what I desire?” Surely, what He has promised you will come to fruition [Psalms 85:9; Proverbs 23:18; Isaiah 14:24; Habakkuk 2:3; Romans 4:21]. You will be surprised that when you look back, you will appreciate what you called a delay, for He has made everything beautiful in its time [Ecclesiastics 3:11]. Make the best out of the waiting period. Don’t leave without finishing what you were really supposed to do.

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