Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Thought

I Thought
I thought You were done with me
When the nights were cold
When I was alone
And darkness ruled day and night;
I thought I knew You
When I encountered You
When You came into my life
When no one else was there;
I thought I knew Your Love
When You put a smile on my face
When You gave me Purpose and Destiny
When You gave me reason to live;
I thought I had seen the most of You
When You blessed me beyond expectations
When You took me to a place
Of joy I had never imagined;
Only now did it dawn on me
That You have long blessed me
That You have long stored up treasures for me
That wonderful are Your thoughts towards me;
And You are not done with me
No, I have not seen the most of You
Nor can I describe all of You
For Your Love is beyond what words can say;
I thought my last cry for joy
Was of the greatest joy I could ever feel
But now I rest in this truth
That we have many more milestones
Of Joy unspeakable
To encounter.
Lots of Love...

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