Friday, January 11, 2008

Just Reflecting

Reflecting on your death on the Cross
Tears slid down my cheek
From emotions so deep
As I reflected on the worth
Of your death on the cross

I could never imagine your pain
Never guess the strain
Your thoughts, your alternatives
As you did our Father’s will

What grief can I feel
That comes close to the anguish
The turmoil, bruises and pains
That you went through on that day

What loss can surface now
That compares to your life laid down
To redeem me, to save me
To make my life worth living

Nothing compares to your immeasurable love
Nothing compares to the sacrifice you made
Nothing can surpass the grief and pain you went through
And you did it all because you love me

That is why I adore you
That is why I love you
That is why I worship you
That is why I surrender to you
And will never let go of you.

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