Monday, January 14, 2008

Different Destinations

My Unique Path
The unique path
You’ve carved out for my life
Oh! How wonderful
Are Your thoughts towards me
And You’ve given me all that I need
To fulfill Your purpose for me;

But I take a detour
No, look at other roads
And wonder why
I am not on those paths
So I let go of You
Ignore Your will
Forget what we’ve shared
And focus elsewhere;

Oh what a misfit I am
In places other than my path
Striving wears me out
Comparison depresses me;

Now I reach out to You
Take Your outstretched arms
And walk in that unique path
You’ve carved out for me.

The Inspiration
It was a beautiful Sunday morning (as usual). I left the house to get to church on time. As I got to the first junction with traffic light, it was the red light I met. I stopped wishing it was one of those days when the traffic light was not working. A sleek Mercedes Benz 190 slid beside me. Nice!!! I thought. As soon as the lights turned amber, both the 190 guy and I had stepped on the accelerator. Only that in 10 seconds he was 100 meters ahead of me. Did he go from gear 1 to gear 5? I wondered.

I continued my journey trying to avoid all bad roads so I took the longest routes. No shortcuts (which eventually waste time). And just at the junction before church, I saw the Mercedes benz 190. We meet again, I said to myself. Maybe we are going to the same place (because I could see only 1 exit at that junction and the exit was to church). And I said, “So after all the speeding and rushing, we still meet again”. Just before I took the last turn to church, he turned left to a different destination. We were not going to the same place after all.

And what if we were going to the same place? It did not matter. From the experience, I could perceive God reminding me that we are all created for special purposes with different destinations. We all have different beginnings, different experiences, why then should we expect the same destinies? That brings me to the words comparison and competition. In my little research about the character of Jesus Christ (the role model), it was never mentioned or deduced that he was competitive. Yet competitiveness is a characteristic that appears vital to survive in today’s world. You see it in homes – resulting in sibling rivalry. You see it in schools, businesses, workplace, marriages, then why not in/among some churches? When you are walking according to the Father’s will, you will not need to compare or be competitive. All provision, sufficiency, and strength is from God [2 Corinthians 3:4; 9:8, Philippians 4:13, 19]. He owns the earth and all in it [Psalm 24:1].

You may be trekking today and see a friend whom you outdid in sports years back. Today he tells you he owns a fleet of cars. That you have met again does not mean you should meet on the same level. God knows where He is taking you to. He knows the plans He has for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future and bring you to an expected end [Jeremiah 29:11]. What is also uplifting is He has made everything beautiful in its time [Ecclesiastics 3:11]. When your time comes for anything, it will be beautiful. At each stage of your walk with Him, He will give you what is best for you.

Where you started from, where you’ve been and where you are going, God knows. All you need to do is trust Him for blessed are those who put their trust in Him [Psalm 2:12].
Have a blessed day.

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adaku said...

once again thanks for your daily inspiration, it helps one get through the day.