Friday, November 30, 2007

What are you selling today?

Selling my products

With passion and zeal
I sell my products
I use every resource at my disposal
From my understanding of the subject
To my tested experience,
My eloquence and organization
Combined with other resources for promotion;

But I misplace my values
When I place myself first
And forget the reason
For my existence-
To bring glory to your name
To shine your light in this world,
Only then do I miss
Opportunities to show how marvelous you are;

May my daily hunger
Be on you and your word
May my foremost desire
Be to bring glory to you
May my passion burn
As I share the Good News of your salvation
May my satisfaction come
From doing your will
May I use all that I am and all I have
Just for you.

The Inspiration
I sell lingerie (women’s underwear and night clothes). This is not by any means a marketing forum. The inspiration behind the peom came one day I went marketing. I saw this lady. I had accessed her from head to toe. I had estimated her pocket. It was good. I ran all the range of products I had to suit her size. Everything in me wanted to sell my product. She was a perfect candidate. I heard the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit telling me I had another product to market.

I took out time to listen to her. Her issue was real. My spirit felt compassion for her. I wanted to reach out to her. I realised she had a need. I wanted to tell her it was ok because everything had been settled years ago.

Let’s do some small marketing 101.
Sheila Webber( states that “In order to achieve your marketing objectives you need to have a strategy that includes different elements - the various parts of the marketing mix”. The marketing mix consists of the 4Ps – Product, Price, Place and Promotion ( Product - An object or a service that is mass produced or manufactured on a large scale with a specific volume of units. Price – The price is the amount a customer pays for a product. Place – Place represents the location where a product can be purchased. Promotion – Promotion represents all of the communications that a marketer may use in the marketplace. My lingerie was not part of the 4Ps at that moment. I had a different product to market – The Good News elaborating on the wonderful package of salvation
The place was where I sat with the lady. The promotion was my words (informal communication). And the price? It had been paid for more than 2000 years ago.

We have been instructed to “Go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” [Mark 16:15]. Jesus Christ assured us that “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth” [Acts 1:8]. Some feel this instruction is restricted to the disciples. Some feel it is left for pastors, priests and evangelists. This is the responsibility of each and every one of us. There are places the pastors, priests and evangelists cannot reach. There are needs that should be addressed on the spot. There are promptings of the Holy Spirit that should not be ignored. There are people out there in need of your evangelism.

Let me once again liken our personal evangelism to the marketing strategy. We need to consider the 4Ps of the marketing mix. The product (Good News) and price (precious blood of Jesus Christ) remain the same. Isn’t it amazing to know there is a product that has already been purchased for you? But the place could differ – in your homes, in your schools, at the work place, on the road, in the bus, in the church, at the gym, in the courts, anywhere and everywhere. The list is endless. What of the promotion? You could keep the Good News spreading through word of mouth, your actions or through your gifts and talents. I have a friend that when he arrives any place, no matter how down your spirit is, you must laugh. He leaves you with a merry heart and a merry heart does good like medicine [Proverbs 17:22]. Imagine what could happen if during the time in his presence the Good News is shared.

Back to the incident that started this write up. I ignored the gentle voice and went ahead to say, “Dear Lady, I sell lingerie. Low price, good quality, straight from the States. Would you like to see some of them?” She replied, “Not today, some other time.”

So I did not sell my lingerie neither did I mention the Good News. Maybe if I had said, “I know that man who loves you for who you are, the man who will not break your heart, the man who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that you ask or think, a man who will never leave you nor forsake you. His name is Jesus Christ….” Maybe that would have caught her attention. Maybe her downcast spirit would have been lifted and refreshed. And maybe we could have got to know ourselves better and create opportunities to sell the lingerie. Maybe, maybe not.

One thing I learnt is that there are various opportunities to share the Good News, and I should take advantage of such opportunities. I never know what difference it would make someday sometime. What do you think?
Have a blessed day.

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