Thursday, September 6, 2007

Tried, Tested, Tasted, Testified

Tried, Tested, Tasted, Testified

I have tried you, Oh Lord
In my days of unbelief
But you showed me Grace and Mercy
And you never let me down;

I have tested you, Oh King
Though I am not worthy to do so
In my moment of weakness, in my times of trials,
You did not forsake me;

I have tasted you, Oh Father
I have drank of your love and goodness
I can boldly say My Lord is good
Better are the plans you have for me;

I have stretched my faith for your course
No, you did not disappoint me
I have experienced the trueness, love and power of your words
That I long for your sweetness more and more;

Let me testify of your goodness and mercy
Let me bring forth my gratitude with words of thanks
Because you are a good God
Tried, Tested, Tasted and Testified.

The Inspiration
One of my favourite lines during my teenage years was “Taste and see that the Lord is good” [Psalm 34:8]. Funny enough, I never knew that was a bible passage until recently. When I look back now, I thank God for HIS enlightenment and grace. I was actually using that line for carnal things.

I tried to put together the inspiration behind this poem. I could not. It was taking me so much time. I wanted it to be a 3-page write-up because there is so much to HIM and so much HE has done. I wondered why the long story could not be conceived in me. It was this morning I realized why – HE is simply a Good God. There is no complexity, no secret, or too much talk about it. Once again I say, HE is a Good God and HIS mercies endure forever [Psalm 106:1] (There are so many other biblical references to this statement).

My piece of writing today is to testify that HE is a good God, HE is faithful, HE is gracious, HE is true to HIS words and promises, HE is wonderful, HE is merciful, HE is excellent, HE is ever-present, HE is beautiful, HE is light, and HE is love. There is none like HIM. It is a privilege, honour yet a blessing to be called the child of such an awesome God and Father.

Just hold on tight to HIM and never let go. HE is ever faithful and never failing.

Have a wonderful day, Child of the Most High God.

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