Monday, September 3, 2007

The Angels, The Branches

The Angels, The Branches
Getting to the top of the tree
Was preceded by holding on to branches
Some from where I rested to take fruit
Some of which I broke off along the way;

I find myself here today
Able to look back at how far I’ve come
Enjoying the blessings that come with the position
Forgetting that I would not be here
‘Cept for the branches that aided along the way;

Bring to my remembrance, Oh Lord
The angels you sent to lift me up
Your instruments to fulfill your promises to me
And may I never cut off branches
As I move to the next step.

The Inspiration
You are about to be lifted up, above your current situation and above your current status. Did I hear a loud Amen? But before you move, please take a pause.

God has been wonderful. HE has been true to HIS promises. HIS words have accomplished what HE pleases. I have listened to many testimonies of people concerning jobs, finances, healing, relationships, fruit of the womb, saving from danger, etc. God has done it again, I say to myself. HE is unchangeable. To God be the Glory. But one thing has been consistent in all those testimonies – God used people to realize HIS promises.

You might argue with me that you prayed night and day for your healing, you stood on the word alone, and because of your faith your prayers were answered. Try to get to the root of this. Don’t be surprised if you find out that you stood on a word someone once shared with you, or a message your pastor preached, or your faith grew by the testimony of someone else. Even if you had to go to a doctor to get treatment, God used the doctor to bring about your healing. Haven’t you heard of cases where doctors made mistakes?

What of you who got a job? You say you were praying in tongues hence you got the job. But was it not someone that told you about the advert? Or was it not someone that gave you money to buy the paper? Or was it not a friend that agreed with you in prayer concerning it? What of when you were stranded and you called on the name of the Lord? Was it not someone that came to your rescue?

Today’s message is to remind us that when we pray according to HIS will, HE answers. The physical manifestation of these prayers answered come through physical means – in most cases human beings. I liken this situation to HIS Word, “Behold, I send an Angel before you, to keep you in the way, and to bring you into the place which I have prepared” [Exodus 23:20]. When HE takes you to a different level (in form of answering your prayers or performing a miracle in your life), HE sends an “angel”.

As you take the pause, have you acknowledged the “Angels” HE sent to ensure you get to what HE has prepared for you? Have you appreciated that parent that gave you the right advice, that guardian that sowed seeds of Tuesday Guardian into your life, that friend that prayed with and for you through the trying situation, that Pastor who preached the Word that collided with your spirit and the word became flesh?

Acknowledging and appreciating such people does not require much. You could sow a seed into their lives even if you think they have everything. You could pray for them especially the ones you may never come across again. You could call them up and remind them of the wonderful thing they did in your life. They may not know how much they impacted on your life and your call might be all they need to assure them that they have worth in this life. Don’t be selective. Even the person that denied you entrance for the visa was only a person God was using to tell you that was not what HE prepared for you. Or the man that asked you to sleep with him before you get a job? Thank God for him for if you had taken that job probably you won’t be where you are today. And what about the doctor that said your case is hopeless? Thank God for him for it was through HIS words that God showed Himself through and proved that HE is not a man, that HE should lie; or the son of man, that HE should change HIS mind; That which HE has spoken HE did and that which HE promised HE fulfilled [Numbers 23:19].

And as you move to the next level, be thankful to God for everyone that comes your way for it is for a reason. Do not judge by the outward appearance, for you do not know who is the next angel HE is sending to prepare the way for you.

Have a blessed week and month ahead.


Modupe said...

what can i say?...i guess it's alright to say.."God,thank you for this "angel" who you are inspiring to bless me with such rich,spirit filled words...

Esuru Rita Onyige said...

Thank you, Dupsie. I am lost for words...