Saturday, August 4, 2007

Judges were Old Testament

In that short space of time

In that short space of time
He glanced my way
I planned a getaway
For he was all I wanted to forget;

In that short space of time
Wait, You say
He wants to know Me
It’s you I have called;

In that short space of time
No, I reply
I cannot be alive
In the same place with him;

In that short space of time
Why, You ask
He’s a sinner, I reply
What has light with the dark?

In that short space of time
You touch my inner most being
With truth and revelation
Of why I’m a being:

Judge Not, Adora, you say
That you be not judged
For all have sinned
And fallen short of my glory;
You will be no different
From the heathens
If you love
Only those like you;
Use my eyes as your goggles
And see him the way I do
Allow me use your body, my temple
To show him My love:
Let my light shine through you;

In that short space of time
I opened my eyes to see him before me
So I welcomed him
And he said, “God lives”.

The Inspiration
The poem above describes one of the longest and hardest arguements I’ve had with God recently. Yet it happened in so short a space of time. 5 seconds. That was how long I had to make a decision that would save a soul. I knew his story so well. I had meditated on it because what he did had been done to me. So I had taken all my pain and frustrations out on him. Seeing him brought the pains afresh. I had told myself that I though I am a Christian, when it comes to him, let us keep Christianity aside. Just before I turned away, the Holy Spirit put me in check and taught me something I never really knew (even despite my writing on walking in the freedom of forgiveness).

I thank God I heeded the voice of the Holy Spirit that afternoon. It was an opportunity for me to see beyond someone and realize how fearfully and wonderfully he was made. I had a wonderful time of teasing and laughter with this guy. I got to learn his struggles as a child of God. I got to share the Good News through experiences of others. I never knew as Christians we fall into the temptation of seeing others with our natural eyes. That is deadly. That is judging. This incident made me know I must have been doing it out of ignorance. The natural man in a moment could see the sins committed by a person, the stories surrounding the person, draw conclusions and define the person by our own standards. That is judging. We should give everyone the benefit of doubt (with wisdom oh!). God created all of us in HIS image. There is something wonderful and unique in each and every one of us. Who are we to judge another? [James 4:12]. For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God [Romans 3:23].

How many opportunities have we missed because of taking the job of judge? How much light have we denied the world because we judge? How many friends and spouses have passed by because of judging? How much hate and unforgiveness has been brought to this world because of judging? Have we judged ourselves with the Word of God?

Rather than letting our default state be seeing people from the negative, let’s allow the Holy Spirit renew our minds to see them as God sees them. Let’s be expectant that everyone that comes our way is for a purpose and the least we could do is reflect the light of God on them. Believe me, the most it might take is a smile and an open heart to save a soul and hear him say, “Omo! God still lives,” as my dear friend said in his humorous manner that day.

God bless you, N.

Child of God, as you leave the role of men as judges to those in the Old Testament, may you continue to find favour with all you come across and fulfillment in your walk with HIM.

Have a wonderful day.

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