Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's Not About Some Things...

It's All About You (and Who I am in You)

It’s not about the physical
Though many give You glory for it
It has also brought close those that caused grief
‘Cos I didn’t know it’s not about the looks

It’s not about the status
For such things are changeable
How high can I go, how much can I have
There's a limit to things that are not eternal

It’s not about the education
For I’ve strived so hard to show I’m better
Spending my life in competition
To attain things that give no fulfillment

It’s not about the gifts and talents
That make me try so hard to show I’m different
When already I am unique
And you have given me individualism

It’s not about those things I call strengths
That make me feel my achievements are my making
For I am nothing without You
And my strength I draw from You

It’s not about the adornment
Of clothes and jewelry that tell lies
When deep down I feel emptiness and worthlessness
And the adornment is nothing but a façade

It’s not about the eloquence
That makes me place myself on a pedestal
For even he that can’t read speaks much better
As long as he has wisdom from You

As I stand, a reflection of Your glory
I realize all I am is not about me
It’s not about what I thought and presumed
But all about You and who I am in You.

1 comment:

Modupe said...

So So true....
I wish i could have this ingrained/engraved in my heart.Life is so not about so many things.It's all about GOD....the creation..the living..the dying..the life after..
He's the Ultimate.....i remember a friend telling me once that God is a constant factor in our lives..I had to remind him that God is the constant and the variable...the all in all..
Well done Friend..May HE remain the source of your inspiration..God bless you real Good!