Monday, September 2, 2013

A Morning With The Glassware

That early morning, the master opened the shelf that contained all the drinkware and tableware. The mugs, water glasses and tea cups, which stood at the forefront, were ready to be selected for daily duty. But the master reached deep into the shelf and picked up the wine glasses, champagne flutes and Styrofoam cups.
“Finally we get a break today,” a mug murmured. The other mugs, water glasses and tea cups nodded in agreement.
The master took a special clothe and wiped the wine glasses and champagne flutes. He took these glassware to a special corner of the kitchen and lifted them up against the light to check if they had sparkle.
“Wow!” a water glass murmured. “He has never treated us like this!”
“I feel used,” a tea cup said. “Every morning, he uses me but it seems like today is a special occasion and he has no use of me…of us!”
“We are the most used,” one of the water glasses said. “Whether it is morning, afternoon or night, whether it is for him or for guests, he always uses us. Yet without giving us this special treatment and attention.”
“Let’s take it that we are not that special,” said the mug. “And for the records, I don’t feel useful anymore, though a few moments ago I was looking forward to a break!”
Just then, the madam walked into the room.
“Thanks for preparing the glasses for our dinner tonight,” she said. “Let me prepare you a fantastic breakfast.”
“Yes please,” the master replied in delight. “One more thing, I did not wash the water glasses, please can you do so? I like how delicately you handle them. Also when serving my breakfast, please could you put juice in my favorite mug and tea in my special tea cup?”
“Certainly, my love,” the madam replied, “breakfast is incomplete without them!”
So while the master continued cleaning the wine and champagne glasses, the madam went on to prepare and use the other glassware for their appropriate functions.
“Well I feel special afterall,” the mug said, “I did not know I was his favorite!”
“I did not know he cared for us that much,” the water glass said, “he wanted us to be taken care of delicately.”
“And I am definitely ready to be used this morning, knowing that indeed I am special,” the tea cup said.
So is it with how God uses us. He uses us differently for different purposes. Someone can be part of the choir, ministering twice a week. Someone else can minister once a month and impact as much, if not greater number of people. Someone can be a cleaner, cleaning the church’s toilet everyday while someone else can be a visiting preacher that pulls multitudes. Not one of these has irrelevant roles. In the sight of God, none is more special than the other. Each person He has created has a unique purpose, and He loves everyone with an everlasting love.
Today as you consider yourself, realize that God created you specially and with a unique purpose. Some in your area of calling will appear greater, and some will appear like they are not up to par with you. It is God who has distributed the gifts and manifestations of the Spirit for different purposes. Do not think lowly of the things you do, especially as it pertains to the kingdom of God. Some of the things you do are indispensable, and there are many out there who cannot do it as well as you do.
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters [Colossians 3:23]. God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them [Hebrews 6:10].
In the eyes of God, He measures your success by how well you do what He wants of you, not by any yardstick designed by man.
And He loves you just the way you are, like you are the only person on earth.
Remain blessed.

All scripture are taken from the New International Version (NIV) translation unless otherwise stated.


Blessing said...

Awesome read! Yes God loves us all specially and what we do for his kingdom no matter how minute it may seem brings him joy, we're all members of the body of Christ, each role is key...we must bear in my mind to do it with all our hearts and with pure motives. Thanks for the reminder Rita! Stay blessed

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

WOW! This glassware story hit home. Thank you!

David C Brown said...

You bring to mind, "But in a great house there are not only gold and silver vessels, but also wooden and earthen; and some to honour, and some to dishonour. If therefore one shall have purified himself from these, in separating himself from them, he shall be a vessel to honour, sanctified, serviceable to the Master, prepared for every good work", 2 Timothy 2: 20,21.

Fine to be " serviceable to the Master, prepared for every good work".

@ilola said...

Thanks for the great insight.

Myne Whitman said...

Got me smiling. Very inspirational :)