Sunday, December 30, 2012


2012! I don't know how to describe my personal perception of the year so far...Though I lack the words, I think everything I felt was...Intense?
The year kept on calling me to be alert, to stand firm, to reflect, and to be grateful. The truth is, no matter how intense the challenges had been, the hand and presence of God was manifest much more intensely.

I guess that as the year draws to an end, you may start evaluating your plans vs. your achievements. But as you do, please remember 2 things:-
1. There may have been some things which you did not plan for, but they happened, even exceeding your expectations. Please put them in the "balance sheet".
2. The year is not over, not yet. You can still believe for a "last minute miracle" in specific areas of your life.

God is not bounded by time, and He can do His thing even when we think it is too late. The last minute miracle may be the physical manifestation of what you have been waiting on Him for, or just a Word from God that leaves you in faith, peace and encouraged.
2012 is not over until it's over. It will only usher in 2013, which comes filled with promises.
As the seconds tick by and we move on by God's grace, let us not be so consumed by our desires that we forget how good and how faithful God has been. We must have felt His hand in our lives or in the lives of those around us. May He crown the year with His goodness. May we align our hearts with His, that we may walk in His perfect will.
Thanks be to God... Words are not enough to describe how beautiful and awesome He is, but still I know He is...
The Way Maker
The Door Opener
The One who gives second chances
The One who works behind the scenes
The Doctor who has never lost a case
The Miracle Worker
The One who gives Beauty for Ashes
The Story Changer
The One who is always on time - never late
The One whose timing is impeccable
The One who customizes blessings
The One who gives testimonies
The One with whom nothing is impossible
The One who gives peace that passes all understanding
The One who hears and answers prayers
The One who forgives and makes whole
The One who saves
The Restorer
The Healer
The Comforter
The All-Encompassing, Self-Sufficient One
The One whose plans are will are only good for us
The One who gives strenght
The One who gives wisdom
The One who gives victory
The Lawyer, Jury, Advocate and Judge in the courtroom
The Orderer and Director of our paths and steps
The Loving, Gracious, Faithful Father.
Did you experience any of these facets of God this year?
May 2012 leave you with a feeling of peace. May 2013 bring you and your loved ones peace, joy, fulfillment, and the manifestation of your heart's desires.
God bless.


'Lara said...

The unexpected and unplanned happened to me in 2012 but then I am grateful for life and family...Looking forward to a beautiful 2013.

Happy New Year in advance

~Sirius~ said...

2012- *A year to be grateful for. The year God answers you in ways you least expect. You learn to adapt to His plans for you, knowing that the end result is much more than you can ever imagine even though the present might be slightly uncomfortable.

A year of good miracles.

dayor said...

I am thankful for spite of me God remained faithful

David C Brown said...

364 days of God's shepherding - so far. Trusting for the days to come and for whatever time He wants to leave me here.

God bless you and yours.

@ilola said...

As usual, you were on time, with your last minute encouragement.

I have a new name for you, Rita The Encourager.

Anonymous said...

I experienced God in all of these ways and much more. He is indeed a merciful God. I am at peace with 2012 and I know 2013 will be a great year.

jhazmyn said...

He was awesome in 2012, He would still outdo himself in 2013.

Happy New year darl

dosh said...

Amen and Amen! The loving, gracious Father continues to show Himself strong despite how often we fail Him.

I hope you have been well? Have a blessed Easter weekend.

Priscy P said...

Hello Rita, I trust you are awesome?! been a while I read from you so please come and update soon ~_*. best wishes!!