Thursday, July 5, 2012

Atilola's Antonyms Of A Mirage - Short Review By Adetola A

I have been blessed to know these 2 beautiful, great women. The Reviewee and The Reviewer.

Let me start with Atilola (also known as @ilola :-) )
Have you got your own copy of "Antonyms Of A Mirage"? Once you turn the leaves of the book, you will want to meet @ilola.
Anyway, I met @ilola for the first time during my book launch. Despite the heavy rain that day and the location of the event, she made it quite early (even before the MC, lol). She has a vibrant personality and is very easy to talk to. What I am amazed about is her is the depth of her creativity, her focus and decisiveness. To me, she knows what she wants, and she does not joke with what she plans to achieve. She inspires and impresses me. Indeed I am glad I know her.

I would have loved to review @ilola's book, but from my experience, you do not send a carpenter to do a plumber's job. So I asked a friend to do a short review.

How it all began with Adetola.
I needed a neutral person to check the final quality of "Against The Perfect Will" just before I give the publishers the go ahead to publish. I called on Adetola who was a corper in my organization. I only expected her to dot the i's and cross the t's. But when she was done with the quality check, it was 4 pages of things I had to change in my book. I thought she was an English Studies graduate. No, she is just a talented Engineer who could make a great book reviewer and critique someday.

Adetola's review of Antonyms Of A Mirage
“Antonyms of a mirage” is a glimpse into the cultural and religious experiences that color the “Nigerian” reality. From corruption and “Nigerian Christianity”, to relationships and life lessons, the simple language and realistic scenarios painted by an eclectic fusion of poetry and prose come together in a comical and somewhat melancholic way, that leaves you subconsciously reflecting and acknowledging the “real” reality that every Nigerian knows, few bother to speak of and fewer still, will actually listen to. A courageous and insightful effort by Atilola showing depth of character and substance.
Her favourite
I read “Prayers of Mediocrity” and was amazed at how the praying woman was so fervent and sincere in all her ridiculousness and wishful thinking. Then I thought to myself “I’m not that lost in prayer fantasy land…or am I?” Many a Christian has used prayers and miracle conjuring as an excuse not to use God given common sense, aptly and beautifully captured by this write up. Guaranteed to set off one or two alarm bells that will surely get you thinking, and jolt you back to reality. As an afterthought, perhaps listen to the prayers of the woman sitting next to you in church on Sunday!!

Please tell me after reading this review, do you think Adetola should pursue a career (by the side) on book reviewing? :-)

Remain blessed.


Toinlicious said...

She def should!!! She has depth. I loved prayers of mediocrity too. I haven't made up my mind about my favourite :)

@ilola said...

Aww thanks for this. I hope I can get to meet Adetola some day.

I will surely be broadcasting this.

Layide said...

Time for a change Tola.... You cannot light a lamp and put it under a bushel, Tol'a's giftings are already speaking for her.

dayor said...

Woo! this is cool, I think adetola should most definitely pursue this line...

Adetola Adeleke said...

wow! i'm very honored by your comments. I'd like to thank Rita specially for believing in me and identifying this "talent" i never knew i had!God bless her so much. @ilola id be honored to meet you someday!