Friday, April 20, 2012

What Inspired My Novel "Against The Perfect Will"

As I lay on the bed that day, shivering and feeling my body parts get numb in stages, I could not help but think about my life and how it seemed it was coming to an end prematurely. So my life would soon end, I wondered. What will I explain to my maker? That I mistakenly took an overdose of expired Ampiclox and that was why my life was cut short? A mistake? Pathetic!

My mother and siblings surrounded me, trying to understand what I was going through. How could I explain this strange thing happening to me? My legs were numb now and lifeless. The numbness had started getting to my arms and back. I know the moment it gets to my ribs and heart, I would be gone. My family was hoping I could endure until morning (only 3 hours away but it seemed like a year away) so that they could take me to the hospital. I was quite pessimistic. I started talking about my preferences for a burial.
As I closed my eyes and awaited the next stage of the numbness that should finally affect my ribs and heart, I had a discussion with my maker.
"So you mean that I can die just before I defend my final year project? All my hardwork, sleepless nights, 6 years in school and I will not see the logical conclusion?" I asked Him.
"If someone makes the wrong decision, no matter how small it may seem, it can affect his or her whole life forever, in some cases even cutting short his/her life," He replied.
"Hmmm, I wish people knew about this."
"Yes they will know about it. You will tell them." His words were firm.
"Me? That is if I get to heaven when this Ampiclox overdose thing finishes me," I replied.
(As I look back, I can imagine that He must have laughed with my statement)
"Go and drink water, my daughter," He instructed me.
"Yes, water and lots of it!"

It was not as though there was any other thing to do. I could lay on that bed moaning and awaiting death. Or I could drink water and see what happens.
“Water”, I muttered. “Big bottle of water!”
One of my sisters hurried to get me water. I finished 1.5litres in no time and continued laying on the bed. The numbness continued and affected my ribs then stopped. I remained on the bed waiting for the next wave of numbness that would numb my heart.
Suddenly, I felt a strong urge to urinate (of course). My siblings took me to the toilet. When I urinated (a very long urination for that matter), the whole house was filled with a strong smell of Ampiclox. When I got back to the bed to lay down, I realized that the numbness had left my ribs. Slowly, the numbness started leaving my body (in the reverse order in which it came). By morning, my whole body was back to normal. No one would have imagined what we passed through that night.
So, while waiting to defend my undergraduate project, I began to write the story “Against The Perfect Will”. Today, 10 years later, it has been published to the glory of God. In order not to make this a long post, I will save the synopsis for a later time (maybe just before the book launch). But please join me in thanking God for His inspirations, for the privilege of using me to send a message, and for making everything beautiful in its own time.
Against The Perfect Will is on ground in preparation for the book launch (date to be confirmed). But you can get a copy from the following links:
Word Association Publishers

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Remain blessed.
(PS: If you are in Nigeria and interested in getting a hardcopy of the book, please send me an email at and we can get talking...).


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We've been created for a purpose. It is up to us to try and fulfill it.

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It's inspiring that you've written a novel. I wish you the best.

P.s. I am loving your blog.

David C Brown said...

Proving that His will is good and acceptable and perfect!

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May we all fulfil our purpose for being :), Congrats luv

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Blessing said...

Wow, what an amazing testimony! God is indeed faithful! Congrats dear

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This your story of a near death experience just perfectly paints for the the picture of "all things work together for good"

Waiting to read the book.

Go girl!

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Just wanted to read an inspiring testimony online n I stumbled on ur blog. I enjoyed all things I read. God bless ur every endeavour