Thursday, February 3, 2011

EROLyrics Moves House

Beloved EROLyrics reader, thank you very much for your consistency in following the blog EROLyrics. Like a female child, EROLyrics has passed through infancy, childhood, teenage years, and now has decided to move to a new home with even a change of name :-) EROLyrics is now the blog under EROInspirations. Read the latest post on EROLyrics/EROInpsirations here >>The Worth Of Your Experience

What has changed?

EROInspirations brings to you

1. The inspirational articles you usually read on EROLyrics. Please feel free to subscribe to the newsletter (via email), subscribe via RSS, follow EROInspirations on twitter to be kept up to date with latest posts and events, or “Like” the facebook page of EROInspirations to enable you get the snippets of the articles directly on your wall.

2. EROInspirations Blogtalk Radio show where we discuss real life issues. Visit the page to know the topics to be discussed. If you are interested in sharing your experience on the show (openly or anonymously) or being a co-host, please drop me an email at Please do well to participate in the poll on what issues you will like to hear about. See right side of EROLyrics blog. Font color does not go well with the blog theme so please highlight all so you can see the topics.

3. Hannah’s Joy Ministries – Are you or someone you know dealing with infertility issues? Do you feel you are all alone in your experience? Hannah’s Joy Ministries focuses on encouraging messages and prayer points for women dealing with infertility. To learn more about this, please visit

4. Ruth Sisters Ministries – In your heart are you waiting on God for that man of your dreams? The Ruth Sisters ministry is a forum to share some articles, experiences, and prayers as single ladies wait on God for a man. Not just any man, but a “Boaz” – who not only exceeds our dreams and fantasies, but a man who makes the wait worth the while. Visit for more details.

(When you subscribe to articles from EROInspirations, you do not get updates on Hannah’s Joy and Ruth Sisters Ministries. This is to ensure that those who are solely interested in the blog do not get messages that are not relevant to them).

A little gift to my beloved EROLyrics readers:

Please visit HERE to download a 31-day devotional of inspiring words from the Heart of Your loving Father. Feel free to share and send to anyone you feel needs it at this time.

Remain blessed and happy exploring of EROInspirations.

NB for those who "follow" EROLyrics: I tried but could not migrate the followers of the blog to EROInspirations. Will you be so kind to use any of the new signup formats on EROInspirations (email, twitter, facebook or rss)? Thank you.


Dee! said...

Congratulations! This is a huge step! Well done. May you be inspired to inspire us (the readers).

Stay Blessed!

Rita said...

Thank you Dee!

BSNC said...

This wonderful. you are moving forward with big things this year. Happy new year dear. Its been a while..

Rainyjoy said...

awwww, congrats dear ! am so happy for you.

happy new year !!!

You've been tagged as a Stylish & Versatile Blogger. check my blog for more details.

have a wonderful weekend.
keep being a blessing

Rita said...

@BSNC: - Thanks. Happy New Year to you. It has really been a long while...

@Rainyjoy: - Thank you so much. (Hugs).

Patrina's Pencil said...

Thanks for the 31 day devotional. I have it on my home screen on my ipod so I can simplly read it every day. Thank you! I've already been blessed by my first readings...

God bless you in your new direction...
As always, Hugs to you and Mr. Rita
patrina <")><

Anonymous said...

Wow! repositioning doesn't even begin to describe your new blog. Can't wait.....rubbing palms.

Anonymous said...

Hi : )
You are shopping on the web or in-store? which often do you go for? actually wondering lol.. i like in-store since i hate waiting it to come!

Chizy K said...

congrats dear

Kafo said...

i disappear for three months and you move
tsk tsk

blogville just keeps on growing

may God continue to use you and bless you

covnitkepr1 said...

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