Thursday, July 15, 2010

Daddy And My Relationship With God

I was wondering if our relationship with our earthly fathers has any correlation with our relationship with our Heavenly Father? Does a person who desperately needed the love of a father receive God with so much hunger on knowing how loving God is? Does one who understands the love of a father find it easy to understand the love of God? Or does one who has had it rough with their earthly father find it difficult to embrace God for who He is?

I have mused over such thoughts for some years now. When I mentioned to a mentor that I might carry out a study on this, in her wisdom, she advised me not to because the results may just not correlate the way I want to. But this morning, as I pondered over the revelation that God is a prayer-hearing and answering God, I had to reflect on my relationship with my late father and why it took me so long to understand that God is one who hears and answers prayers.

Asking Daddy for anything, including basic necessities, was a task to first overcome fear and prepare my heart for disappointments. I had to check if I had been good in the past week - making me worthy of the request. If I had passed my exams very well, I would not only make requests for myself, but take that of my sisters, to kill 6 birds with one stone. His initial reply was either "No" or "Ask your mother" or "Bring it up later". Eventually he would do it, but the "No" and "Later" was always to painful to bear. I believed all fathers were like that.

As I got older and met other fathers, especially my father-in-law, I realized not all father's were like Daddy. Please understand, my Daddy was a very good man, very jovial, had lots of friends, very intelligent, and I love him. I am only using a part of him for this post. Every time I read the contribution to "From The Heart Of  A Loving Father" by a friend whom I know is very close to her father, I say, "this lady truly understands the love of a father". When Mr. Rita prays, he has this confidence that what he has asked for, he will get. He does not need to remind God or even beg for it. Why not, when every time he asked his father for anything, he did not get "No" or "remind me later".

So you can imagine that a part of me believed whenever I asked God for something for myself His response was "No", "Not Now", "Ask again". (I had no doubt that if I prayed for someone else, He will answer). It was always a surprise when He answered my prayers on time and exceeded my expectations. Today I finally knew why - He is a Prayer hearing and answering God. He even hears the prayers of the sinner, for when I had not accepted Jesus into my life, God had answered my prayers. He is the God who changes not. For ALL the Promises of God in Him [Christ Jesus] are Yea, and in Him Amen, unto the Glory of God by us.

From today henceforth, as I come to Him, I come with the confidence that He hears and answers my prayers. What about you?  


bArOquE said...

awww...isnt that sweet, to think that my sister & i were talking about how sometimes, her hubby makes her change her NO to her son to YES (another story for another day)

God is indeed God & not man...his ways are higher than 'ours' so why comapre us, we miserable offenders, to our maker

Anonymous said...

Because God is aware of our past bruising from our earthly fathers, He always heals our emotions and psyche and through His words help us see Him differently.

I can relate with this post and remembered how I found it easy to forgive and love my dad only after I had become a christian.

Funny thing is Dad hasn't changed but I have. That's the key. I must admit it wasn't easy to see God as loving, benevolent and all at first. It took a while 'cos I always thought He'd thunder down 'No' at my request but alas, 'praise God' it has never been so.

Great post!

jhazmyn said...

Reminds me of a song that says...

I have a father, He calls me His own
he'll never leave me,no matter where I go.
He knows my name, he knows my every thought
he sees each tear that falls, and hears me when I call.

Such overwhelming love

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

Well for father is the opposite...he never says no when I ask for something...even till this day

Intially (while growing up) I looked at Good as a "mean and strict" God, so that made it difficult for me to trust's the way that God was presented to me as a child...but when I learned about his grace, mercy, and all changed but it was a process, especially when my life seemed to be turned upside down.

At times, God does say "NO", if whatever we desire is out of his Will, I never understood why because I was so used to getting a "yes" from my earthly father...but now that I have a deeper relationship with my heavenly father, I know his Will for my life.


Myne Whitman said...

I think our experiences with our differences will mean each of us will have a different perspective on this. one thing is clear to me though, God is a father above all. Whatever our earthly fathers can do, He will give us a higher version of it.

BSNC said...

Reminds me of my dad. He never said no to me . My sibling used to tell i am the joseph of the family, they claimed they will say me one day heheh.

I totally enjoyed this post. My father in heaven has never said no to me too. Lucky me, yay!!lol

Kafo said...

beyond true

thanks for the reminder

my dad is in town this week and i have to admit that our interaction this last week and reminded mii about what my relationship with God should actually be like

2cute4u said...

Real approach. As I have your type of dad, lol..
Then I read everything and I just have to say thank you

David C Brown said...

My father was a very generous man - but I can say thing to my heavenly Father, and tell Him about my needs far more freely than I could with my earthly father.

But one of my father's stories was of a Christian, an orphan, who spent a nigh awake with joy in the realisation that God was his Father.

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AlooFar said...

God is Good.

Olufunke said...

I am always grateful that I can think of God as my father. .....means a lot to me...I feel I can have a lot, do a lot infact, its limitless.........

Nice one!

~Sirius~ said...

This anaolgy is quite interesting.

Digressing, I sometimes feel so guilty about asking God for things. I feel the things I want are never ending and my praise and gratitude are never enough.

but reading this post....i also had endless request to my earthly father and like all other dads, never a straight answer but it's granted (well most of it) in the end.

Now that can't be compared to what God is willing to do for me.