Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Infant Steps: How Can I Evade Wrong Influences At Home?

Beloved EROLyrics Readers,

Hope you have started experiencing the blessedness of the week. Covenant grace and peace be to you in the name of Jesus our Lord and Savior, who reigns forevermore.

Today’s question on the Infant Steps Series comes from a young boy who wants to leave his home because at home, he has to deal with wrong influences daily. Have you ever faced such a situation? If in your home you were the first to give your life to Christ, how did you manage the others who did not share the same faith as you did? What will you do if you were in Raymond's shoes? Please read his question below and provide him with your spirit-led responses. Thank you.

Dear Rita,

I do not come from a Christian home. I never knew about God except when He is mentioned in Bible Knowledge in school and to me it felt like a history class. When I started secondary school (a boarding school), I met people who seemed passionate about God. They talked about him, they preached about him, and by the time I got to senior secondary, I knew I had to follow Him. So I gave my life to Christ. It has been an awesome experience and I do not ever want to turn back.

When I go home during the holidays, I face alot of things that are not good for my walk. My parents do not believe in it and they have warned me not to go to church. During meal times, there is alot of gossip and use of strong languages. We have a general PC at home for the kids and most times, it is unhealthy things my siblings are browsing. Most of the music they play does not go down well with me but I try not to make a scene about it. Most times I am alone and I feel nobody understands me.

Should I disobey my parents? Should I leave the house to live with a relative who understands what I believe in? I am very young in my walk and I feel the influences around me could make me give up or falter. Please what can I do?


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jhazmyn said...

Tough one for me to comment on cos i haven't walked in those shoes...growing up in a christian home and all, but i think at this point Raymond, you need a strong support of christian friends to help you stay strong through this and you also need to love your family despite your differences.

What better way to win them over than by reflecting the love our Father has for us?

I hope things get better for you

rethots said...

Happy New Year

David C Brown said...

Obey your parents as far as your conscience allows you to; remember that God is to obeyed rather than men; pray that your attitude will soften their hearts; assure them that being a over of the Lord Jesus makes you a better son.

But it's easy enough for me to speak not have such a test in my life.

Myne Whitman said...

I agree with jhazmyn and DB. Unless your parents or siblings are urging you to denounce or deny Christ, I think you will affect them more positively by remaining in their midst.

Original Mgbeke said...

Happy new year Rita, i will definitely be watching the comments on this one.
I also wanted to say that I absolutely love the idea of your 2010 devotional and I am subscribed. I pray that 2010 will bring great spiritual growth to me, AMEN!

muyiwa said...

the guy should still be with his parents and keep on prayinh hard to change their believe


happy new year!

Kafo said...

this is a tough one for sure
i like David C. Brown comments

if you are financially dependent on your parents it would be next to impossible to break free

keep in mind that maybe God has put your there so you can be a light to them just by your life

it would be helpful if each sunday you got away from the toxic environment and spent the day with church friends, christians who can uplift and encourage you

Patrina said...

I agree that if Raymond can manage to stay , he should stay. I'm certain that his heart is experienciing agony - knowing that he's been rescued from such an enviornment. But to remain in it must be seriously hard. My heart weeps for him - that he should have to be forced into this position.

But the truth is that God is the God of possibilities. My best counsel to Raymond would be to ask the Lord what the Lord would have him do. The Lord will not ask him to stay in a situation without protecting him with His grace. Light belongs in darkness, otherwise how are the blind to see. The Lord wants us to ask him first - then gather spiritual counsel. He will use the wisdom and knowledge of others more mature in the Word and the christian walk then he is. But He wants Raymond to come to Him with his neds and his hearts desires. God says ASK! He also says KNOCK! and the door will be opened to you.

From our perspective looking in, this is an ideal opportunity for Raymond to minister to his family -maybe one by one until they're all won to Chrsit. I am hopeful, I have a huge gift of FAITH, but Raymond is young in his walk and still drinking the milk of the word instead of chewing and digesting the meat of the word.

It would look totally differnt for Raymond, if he had adult mentors in the faith to stand with him and support him and keep him accountable to Christ. But...they forbid him to enter into this kind of fellowship.

I would suggest that he soak up the Word of the Lord. It will bathe him in strength and give him peace and encouragement inthe midst of chaos. The Word is living and it will come to life in his spirit and he will see answers and gain help for each step of the journey. The Word alone is powerful enough to sustain him. You have my word on that!

The next best thing, is for all of us here in blogland to lift him up in prayerful support and surround him with the power of possibility with the LORD. I believe that God can take our prayers and pour them down onto those whom we are praying for like a refreshing rain. God can cause Raymond to be strengthened through our prayers. God delights in our weakness - for then He can fill us us with Himself. Our light can shine for Raymond.

All of what I am saying is scriptual - It just takes more time to write it in that form and search for the particualr passages.

This is my first visit to this series so, I don't know if Raymond is a true identy or one in a book somewhere, but this is my response - to a very real situation with new believers.

If Raymond is a real identity - then we need to support him with our real prayers. I'm in! Please let me know if he is Raymond or the character of Raymond.

Patrina <")>><

Enkay said...

Happy New Year!

Sometimes we need to endure hardness for a time so that we may have a fuller testimony.

Running away is not ALWAYS the best option. I think you need to stay while still receiving spiritual support from other believers and be a light in your family.

It'll build your character and your faith.

Patrina said...

Thanks for your connection on the Bridge, I'm so blessed taht you got my message.

Of course you can use my post. i'm not sure how you do that but that would be awesome. Thanks for letting me know that it was worthy.

As for Raymond, thanks also for clearing that up for me. I will know for next time - and posting it here is a great avenue for others in like situations - for sure!

Have a blessed day, Rita