Monday, December 1, 2008

Pondering on the breakup – I believe in God

I almost said
This affair is over
I almost said
I cannot do it anymore:

I wanted to turn my back on Him
And go back to where I was coming from
Yes I knew life without Him is hell
But then I assumed accepting my fate could see me through;

But the circumstance
Opened my eyes
To see that I did not love Him
As much as I professed
Nor as much as He loved me,
Then I saw clearly
That my foundation was not solidly built on Him;

I suddenly realized why my relationships failed:
When the going was good
It was easy to love so much
But at the smell of a trial
I walked away;

I quickly forgot the good times we shared
How much He blessed me
How He saved my life
How He has given me a second chance
How much He loves me
That not even my flaws could separate me from His love;

So as I pondered on the breakup
I recalled those times when I stumbled and fell
When I sinned over and over
Especially the same sins I had prayed about
And when I thought there was no hope for me
His Grace was made perfect in my weakness

Whilst pondering on the breakup
He saved me from an accident
Reminding me that He was not yet done with me
That I will live to overcome the trial

Still pondering on the breakup
My life 2 years ago flashed before me
I could have sworn it was not the same person
If not for the mark on my forehead
That reminds me only God can save a baby
Who fell off a 3-storey building

So I knelt down beside my bed
And wept
Cursing the source of such thoughts
Yet making my resolve
That I will love Him whether good or bad
That I will not stop praising and trusting Him
That I will continue to build my foundation on Him;

My Sweet, Loving God and Father
This love affair is forever
I believe in God.


LG said...



~Mimi~ said...

YAY! welcome to the club!! we believe!!!

~Mimi~ said...

wow.. you fell!! :) yea i commented before reading :) I'm very excited :)

~Sirius~ said...

And She resurfaces.........Off to read properly.

kay-shawn said...

From the comments it appears you've been awol for a while as a well. Just like me. Anyway, welcome back

Believer said...

Rita: Thanks for joining us, you have really been missed.

ShonaVixen said...

Loved this piece and yup m a member of God's Army...I BELIEVE!!
Long time hon, hope you are well xoxo

~Sirius~ said...

Yes I am a Believer In the Lord's Army.

Jaycee said...

Amazing! Where you the 3-yr old baby in this story? Amazing...just amazing!

Funms-the rebirth said...

i believe......... this affair can never be over......

Rita said...

My dearest people, i've been away...and I still am...everything is okay. Will soon be back to blogville.

Just had to put up this post because I do believe in God.

Take care you all.

@Jaycee: I fell off the stairs of a 3-Storey building when I was about 2 years old. The doctors said my brains would be destroyed, if I survive it. Here I am today alive and with a normal-functioning brain. If you check my profile pix, you may see where they stitched my forehead. My skull is still indented after all these years.

Anonymous said...

WELCOME BACK! Nice poem by the way. First thought you were talking about your hubby, I was so getting nervous and then I realised you were talking about God and I just loved it. I mean its comforting to know that even people of faith have fleeting moments of doubt once in a while.
Wow, its funny, I fell off a swing set when I was like 5 and then 2 years later I fell into a gutter at the same spot. So I still kinda have the mark till today. Hmmmm. Have an excellent week and I am so glad you are back.

simeone said...

yes o..this love is forever...
wow..luvd this

Kafo said...


seye said...

I seriously need to get on my knees now!
comment later!

Reverence said...


John said...

Refreshing! God's love never fails, and nothing can seperate us from his love... thanks for this reminder, it means a lot

Standtall said...

This is what I have missed! Thanks for this inspiring peom!

Dee! said...

This is a very inspiring poem. You are a wonderful poet!

God is great! He is a WONDER to my soul!

rita said...


just wonderin wat life will be without GOD....meaningless ! yes thats wat

hello Rita

rita said...

wow !
awesom GOD ,
u no ur story made me remember an incident that happened when i was about 10yrs

robbery attacks where becomin rampant in my area then, as a form of defence against their attacks, some guys organised for and got a small can of acid....this was hidden some place out of reach

i never knew....few days later, i 'climbed' and brought the acid down, called my younger sis to come for a hair wash since i was playin the stylist, she wasted too much time in comin , b4 which i sprayed some on the floor, when she came i was already pissed off, i left the can there and walked off,

GOD caused my sis to 'delay'the hair wash, caused me not to wash my hands with the 'water'and caused us to move away completly until an adult came along to notice the white stains and crackin o the ground.....

wat else can i say?

HE IS A WONDER !!! and of course i BELIEVE !

Ms. emmotions said...

Rita, its me ms emotions, my ID is acting up, keeps postin as rita, my first name

fantasy queen said...

awesome...i have the constant break ups with him, but i'm determined to be in the relationship for the long run..

how've you been? its been ages....

Remi, United Kingdom said...

ah, will I ever be first... sigh!!!! And I have been waiting for update oh eh?

This is beautiful... simply beautiful..

Let me go read it again.. :-)

lotta luv.. .x

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Rita, I have missed you. I trust all is well.

This was beautiful. I needed to read these words:

"That I will love Him whether good or bad
That I will not stop praising and trusting Him
That I will continue to build my foundation on Him"

I needed that right now. Yes, I believe in God too. Jaycee just wrote a similar post, you should check it out.

Thank you.

gbengasile said...

Finally Rita's back. I know it's cliche now but trust me, you have been very 'muchly' missed (Pardon my grammar use). Nice poem by the way. The 'Believers' club' is definitely getting bigger by the day.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

All I can say is I continue to live in aww of this amazing God.

Brothers Blog said...

WOW. VERY very deep.

Buttercup said...

Aww.. God truly is WONDERFUL in every sense of the word.

Missed ya!

Buttercup said...

Aww.. God truly is WONDERFUL in every sense of the word.

Missed ya!

aloted said...

wow amazing testimony

God be praised

Naija Idol said...

God is AWESOME!!

mypenmypaper said...

good work girl. Nice piece here. Keep it up.

Truly, a love affair with God is what the whole world needs

David C Brown said...

When I turned my back
on the sun
Next morning there it was
blazing in my face.

He remains faithful!