Thursday, May 22, 2008

Are you Ready?

The Delay

I wondered
Why there was a delay
Why You denied me
My heart’s desire;

I almost fainted
All through the long journey
Of Instruction
And examples;

At the back of my mind
I looked forward to the end
Wondering what You were up to
This time around;

But I was not disappointed
For You exceeded my expectations
The timing couldn't have been better
For I was totally unprepared
Until now.

The Inspiration
Nnedinma was sixteen then. She was the youngest of the five fresh teenage girls on the block. That period of adolescence was very interesting for us all. We were just discovering some new parts of our bodies. We were beginning to have those contours like the ladies we saw in magazines as kids. We all discussed and realized we no longer shared the bathroom with our brothers. And most importantly, we never let anyone of the opposite gender see us without our make-up and best clothes.

We often met at her house every evening because she made nice chin-chin. We’d all sit outside, eating and drinking, and recounting the day’s events. “Guys” were the only topic of discussion. Some had a lot of guys hot on their trail (the well endowed ones) while the rest hoped one day the guys could look beyond their flat chest and know there was a woman inside.

These beautiful innocent meetings went on for a couple of months when we started noticing some changes in Nnedinma.
“Are you not coming out this evening?” we once asked her.
“No, not today. I have to prepared dinner for the family.”
“Are you not coming out this evening?” we asked another day.
“No, not today. I want to join my mother in prayers for the family.”
“Are you not coming out this evening?” we persisted after we had not seen her for over 2 weeks.
“No, not today. I’ve got some household chores to finish as well as an assignment. It might be late before I am done.”
“Are you not coming out this evening?” we asked, after we had missed her chin-chin for about six months.
“No, not today. I have catering classes in the evenings. I am learning some new dishes.”
“Are you not coming out this evening? That guy you had a crush on is waiting for you at the estate field.” We had not got used to her absence even after a year.
“No, not today. My dad wants me to give him details of how I spent the home’s money when mom was hospitalized. He will be back any moment from now. Maybe I will come out later.”
‘Are you coming out this evening? We have a party in the estate.” This was two year later.
“No, not today. I have a book to read. The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord by T.D. Jakes. I recommend it for any woman.”
“Her Lover? You didn’t tell us you have a lover.”
“I don’t. I am preparing for him.”
“Oooh! How sweet! You really believe in fairy tales. Never mind, some day the knight in shining armour would come and bring you out of this house!”
“He’s on his way.”
“Are you not coming out this evening? We want to visit Mary. Her boyfriend broke her heart and she’s not been coming to school for days.” This was more than two years and we remained adamant.
“Okay, I’ll join you all. But I won’t stay long hours out with you. I want to take stock of all we sold at mummy’s shop today and prepare for tomorrow.”

We were so glad to have her with us. We spent the evening catching up on old times. Her presence lifted Mary.

“We all have boyfriends now. Who is the latest guy on your trail?” we asked her.
“There’s someone I plan on spending the rest of my life with…”
“Thinking of settling down at eighteen? You haven’t enjoyed life!”
“I’ve prayed about it. As long as God says it’s okay, I am fine with it.”
“You don’t know what you are doing. Did your parents force him on you?”
“Not at all. They only encouraged me after I told them how I felt for the man in my life.”

Within us, we did not want to argue with her. We concluded that she was making the biggest mistake of her life. In less than a year after that, she got married. We felt she had given in to slavery and bondage. How very myopic!

When I look back I realize she was prepared for what she was going into. She reminded me of the Proverbs 31 woman. At her age, she knew what it took to be a real woman. She had her values and priorities right. Most of her peers may not get it. Some may get it years later. It had nothing to do with age. It was all about being ready.

What is it you’ve been waiting on God for? Are you ready for it? Have you found out what is involved in having it? Will you be willing to make sacrifices if it calls for it? Are you waiting on God or is God waiting for you?

As you await the manifestation of that which you’ve asked God for, take out time to prepare, for preparation brings perfection [2 Chronicles 8:16].

Stay Blessed.

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