Monday, December 24, 2007

Three Thoughts for the Season

Three Tear Drops

Tears sting my eyes brim
Three drops slide down my cheek
But a smile lifts my cheeks
And my heart fills with glee;

Three tear drops
Stand for three thoughts
That I take with me this time
As I celebrate the birth of Christ;

Thought one: Your word is truth
Thought two: Nothing is impossible with you
Thought three: My worship and adoration is due you
And I take time to reflect on you;

Thank You for your love
Thank You for being God
Three tear drops
Mean: I love you Lord.

The Inspiration
As the Christmas season drew near, I found out that there were so much plans and preparations in place. My increased excitement was coupled with an increase in expenditures. And when I looked around me, it was not only me. I asked myself, “why all these excitement, expenditure, preparations? It is just the birth of Jesus Christ. His death is the significant thing!” But the good Lord was quick to correct me.

I traveled back memory lane sixteen year ago. We were all expecting a baby. The Lord had assured us that my mother was with a male child. Behold, HE was going to do a new thing. We were expectant yet anxious because we were six girls awaiting the birth of their only brother. On the morning when she put to bed, we were at home fixing a nine-year old wooden cot when one of my sisters announced that it was a baby boy. What great joy, peace and happiness we all felt that day. Has the joy waned? No. Sixteen years later, we still try to outdo each other when it comes to buying a birthday gift for him. None of us can ever forget his birthday. The joy is still fresh like it happened this morning.

Why then would I overlook the birth of my Lord and personal savior? Why should I not outdo every other person as I celebrate His birth? In this season as I celebrate with all that I am, I take three thoughts with me concerning the birth of Jesus Christ.

1. The Word of God will surely come to pass

Strikingly in the stories surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ is the statement, “fulfilled what the prophets had said…” or something similar. The Word of God had gone forth, it did not return to Him void but accomplished what He pleased [Isaiah 55:11]. The word became flesh [John 1:14]. The birth of Jesus Christ reminds me that every word of God is true, truth, shall come to pass and has become flesh [living, tangible].

2. With God, nothing is impossible

For nothing is impossible with God [Luke 1:37]. This is a simple statement of truth. The birth of Jesus Christ was a miracle. Mary had not been with a man yet she conceived. Miracles have happened, are happening and will still happen. Not only did Mary experience the awesomeness of God. Elizabeth her cousin also partook in experiencing God.

3. God is worthy of our worship and honor

When the wise men saw Jesus Christ, despite that the baby was in a “lowly” place, they fell down, and worshipped him as to a King and to a God. They also presented their gifts to him [Matthew 2:11]. They did not only honor him with their bodies but also with what God had given them. And their gifts were provision to Jesus Christ (and the family) for things to come.

What great glory, joy and peace have come to the world because of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. As you celebrate this season, be reassured that His word for you, concerning your life, concerning your circumstances, concerning your desires, will surely come to pass as long as it is according to His will. Remember that with God, nothing is impossible. And do not forget to worship and honor Him with all that you are and what you have.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.


Oki said...

I've forgotten how refreshing EROLyrics can be... I'm going to include these 3 thots to my "realtime" resolutions.

David C Brown said...

And He says, "I am coming again and shall receive you to myself". Thank you for reminding me of His promises!