Monday, October 8, 2007

HE saw Every Tear

HE saw every tear
The ones that welled up
But did not pour
The ones that dropped down your face
But did not leave a stain
The ones that flowed
Leaving you dehydrated
Yes, HE saw every tear;

HE saw every tear
Those that spoke of your joy
Those of uncontrollable excitement
Those of success and satisfaction
Those of the fulfilment of HIS Will;
Those that told of your pains
Those that followed fear
Those that were filled with anguish
Yes, HE saw them all;
Even those that flowed under sedation
Even those of the transient joys of addictions
All those tears of self-condemnation, self-defeat
HE saw those tears of confusion and hopelessness;

Every drop meant something to HIM
Every drop HE watched over
Every drop communed with HIM
Every drop was mirrored on HIM;
HE saw every tear
HE felt each one with you
HE did not choose any over another
HE never took HIS eyes off you;

HE saw your every tear
No one else has seen them all
No one else has felt them too
No one else knows where you're coming from
No one else knows the great places HE's taking you to.

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